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 Vanasen, Jaehera [W.I.P]
Jaeh Vanasen
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 09:53 PM
Jaeh Vanasen
Battle Mage | Defender | Guardian
Sword for Hire
Jaehera Vanasen
She/Her - Pacific

Jaehera Vanasen

24 years old . Sellsword . Warrior . Amelia Rose Blaire


    Other Characters
25th of the 6 month

    Race & Nationality
Human | Ferelden Commoner

Chaotic Good/Neutral

    Family Members
Father - Deceased Mother - Deceased Brother, Kylar - MIA

One handed - Swords, Longswords Intermediate Skill Level

Battlemaster | Defender

"The Bloodied Sword"

Jaehara was born of modest means to a blacksmith and his wife. Jaehara's memories of her mother are few and fleeting, the woman slain before her eyes as their town was raided shy of her third year, and in the sixth year of her brother Kylar's. They were raised solely by their father, a man both loving and stern and put sword in the hands of both his children. Alongside her brother Jaeh dreamed of becoming a great warrior who could channel both the warrior's spirit, and one day master the arcane as well. Although it was unheard of for commoners, Jaeh and her brother were both tutored by their father in reading and history, as their father had both a passion for knowledge himself and wanted a better life for his children than that of a modest blacksmith.

When Kylar turned fifteen he left their village in pursuit of his own arcane destiny. A year later the only news received was that the town in which he was studying was ravaged by the blight. Jaeh poured her heart and soul in to the sword as she grew older, her mind now set on exterminating any evil that lived in the world. Although she grew in to a beautiful young woman she was shy and distant from others, although she was ever kind and compassionate. She was known for taking in stray Marbari's discarded and left to die, to treat them and rehome them.

In the fourteenth year the world came crumbling down as the blight set upon their home. Ravaged by demons and unspeakable creatures, brave men took up arms as mothers fled with their children. Jaeh was bade to hide with the other women while her father led the men against the horde, but slipped away easily to find her father. While their village burned the last of the warriors were being cut down, and she made it only in time to watch her father's body crumple. The blight burned everything to the very root, the demons killed scores of innocents. Jaeh was left near death in the ashen ruins that once had been her home.

Only days passed before a band of marauders came; Looters, killers, rapists, criminals in a rag-tag band hoping to find a score in the rubble. Instead they found a half dead girl. Stories like this need not be explained. After every cruelty had been dealt to her, Jaeh was sold as a slave, and a slave she was for three years. Fate was cruel, but not without it's rays of hope. A Mercenary who came under contract for her masters saw the state in which they'd kept their slave-girl. His conscious could not simply walk away. When his offer of money in exchange for her freedom did not work he turned instead to the sword. Even a sell-sword has a code.

Darez had offered to send the girl to whatever town she wanted. He would use his contacts to get her work in a tavern somewhere. She could leave her past behind and create a new future for herself. Instead she chose to pledge herself to him. To master the sword. To master the kill. Jaeh would train and cultivate her own sort of justice. A justice that sang only the sound of a slicing sword and who's words were painted in blood. She would cut down the evil in the world - men and demons - and wash away her weaknesses in retribution. Darez took her under his wing and soon the girl - no, a woman now - had a love and skill for the craft. For years the pair traveled as master and apprentice, and Jaehera became a skilled warrior.

At twenty-three Jaehera met the spirit that would allow her to become a Guardian. Darez had been contracted to stop a circle of Blood Mages from bonding unwilling spirits. They dispatched them easily enough, but a Justice spirit broke through the veil, and in its torment and confusion had found its way in to Darez' body. It's anger and wrath slowly tore her masters soul apart as he fought to expel the spirit form his body. Unable to watch him suffer Jaehera offered herself instead, pledging her soul and body to the spirit if it would leave her Master, and she would become its willing host, that it may reside peacefully in her, rather than become a creature of blight. The pact was made, but the bond was completed too late. Darez did not survive.

After burning the body of her Master Jaeh had left all that was left of their life behind. In her travels while she worked, she heard stories of the Herald, of a movement to fight back against the blight and evil that corrupted the world. With nothing left, Jaeh decided to seek out the ones that called themselves the Inquisition, the army that promised to deliver Justice. She hopes to find a purpose within the Inquisition, and to find someone to help her control the Spirit of Justice now bound inside her.

Personality & Beliefs

Romantic ; Chaotic Good/Neutral ; Stubborn ; Awkward ; Playful ; Thoughtful ; Caring ; Quick-tempered ; Sassy

Jaeh is a genuinely gentle soul at heart, despite the self denial. She sees herself as a person with little worth, allowing her to commit the sort of Justice that the world needs. She is the hand dirtied with blood to save the truly pure and innocent. She holds herself to a Code, like all Mercenaries, a code that often reflects mercy and compassion on those who deserve it.

Jaeh is a stubborn woman with a temper and quick wit. More than anything she hates being questioned, especially when it comes to her abilities or beliefs.

Jaeh is a woman, and as such craves loves and companionship even if she'd die before admitting it. As she sees herself as something flawed and damaged she does not consider herself capable of love, and yet her desire for it almost equals her desire to rip the evil from the world by its roots. Whether a friend or lover, Jaeh craves for someone to see the things she desperately wants to see in herself.

Religion: Jaeh does not question the existence of Andraste or any other Deity. She firmly believes in their existence, and openly chides them. As a child of war might, Jaeh cannot forgive a Deity who allows their children to suffer. Instead she believes that people such as herself must cast themselves in to darkness to help the world reach the light.

Politics: Jaeh believes in the Freedom of Mages, and believes any creature of any race is capable of unspeakable evils and lust for power. Jaeh also believes that human and non-human's walk the world as equals.

♚ 5'3

♚ Naturally Brunette, often dyes her hair Silver/Indigo to alter her appearance

♚ Grey/violet eyes

♚ Small varying tattoos across her body

Jaeh currently has a Mabari companion called Ares.

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 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 10:38 PM
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