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Jan 26 2018, 02:52 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 480px; background-color: #ffffff; padding: 10px 10px 0px 10px; border: #698492 solid 5px; text-align: justify; font-family: Roboto; font-color: #000000; font-size: 11px; line-height: 12px;"><center><img src=https://image.ibb.co/n4WyWb/151442069949220_1.gif><p><i>26th of Wintermarch, 9:39 </i></center><div style="width: 462px; padding: 0px 10px 10px 10px;">
Antiva, a land of murder, swine and filth! She could remember feeding here before, enjoying the rebellions she helped fan to life. It felt like tasting your favorite meal again, enjoying the way their misery tasted. It brought back memories and they were so incredibly pleasant ones! She sighed as she hit the docks, the tan leather boots caused the boards of said dock to creak and groan. Zanthe paid it no mind. She walked forward and stayed with her hands within her pockets. Zanthe quickly found herself a little elf to dine on. </p>
Based on what she had overheard, his coins were stolen by some unknown man. A pity! Thieves in Antiva City?! Oh, Maker, what ever would they do?! Zanthe laughed a bit beneath her breath as she walked by, simply reaping her meal and walking onwards. Better to leave more misery to brew than to listen to more of the damn whining! Ugh, she couldn’t stand it. Fucking whiners, the lot of them! Turning into an alleyway, Zanthe stumbled upon a mugging. A human man being beaten down by a small cluster of elves who paused in the beating only to look at her! </p>
The demon waved a hand dismissively. <strong style=color:#698492>“Don’t let me ruin the fun, boys.”</strong> Zanthe rested herself against the wall. Showing no signs of aggression or showing any desire to stop this, they continued on. She could feel eyes upon her, more than just the eyes of those who were before her. Who else found this interesting? Or was it her they found interesting? She hardly cared though. <strong style=color:#698492>“What’d he do?”</strong> She ultimately asked as the man officially fell into a state of unconsciousness. </p>
Typical men, starting fights and ignoring questions! They attempted to gang up on Zanthe, not liking her questions or presence anymore. The larger of the cluster placed a hand on her shoulder. No doubt that chill from her skin made him shift, she could feel his discomfort. He tightened the grip upon her shoulder and threatened her again. All Zanthe did was laugh before pulling out a blade and sinking it deep within his chest cavity. She liked that one, she thought a bit sadly. He had potential! </p>
<strong style=color:#698492>“Now, can you all go back to robbing people like good little thieves? I’d rather not stain my boots with any more of your low quality blood.”</strong> The demon said waving that bloodied knife around. The dead body of their friend hit the ground when she’d removed it. <strong style=color:#698492>“Get along before I decide elves are on the menu for dinner tonight.”</strong> That sparked something in the rowdy gang who quickly bolted, leaving their friend behind. </p>
It’d be a shame to let a body just go to waste or its objects to be exact. Zanthe began to rummage through pockets and pull items of worth from the dead elf. Clearly they were very skilled thieves! She had two coin purses and a necklace before long.

Dec 28 2017, 07:20 PM
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<h1>Zanthe Stark</h1>
<h2>Ageless, appears 28 years old . Lieutenant . Mage . Sophie Turner</h2>
<h3>Mimsy . 23 . EST . PM/Discord</h3>
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<ol>Other Characters</ol>
Lynn Beautri</p>
Ophelia Eos</p>
Cassandra Pentaghast</p>
Rònan Ar Caiside

Unknown, claims its 18th of Solace 9:13


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Demon of Despair – Claims to be Antivan


Chaotic Neutral


<ol>Family Members</ol>
None though for appearances sake she claims her entire family died in 9:38 due to illness her village caught. Her father Markus, her mother Persephone, and her brother Nathaniel are the family she claims to have lost.


Hands: Expert </p>
Staff: Expert </p>

Primalspells allow mages to harness the elements to deal damage to enemies and protect themselves.</p>
Arcane Arcane magic taps into the deepest wells of the Fade, protecting the caster and crushing the arcanist's foes.


History: </p>
A woman comes to Haven days after the Conclave explodes. She claims to be a mage, one who spent years in a mercenary company who suffered losses at the explosion. She wants to help. How can you refuse when the Chantry had turned its back upon you all and the Divine is dead? You welcome the woman who introduces herself as Zanthe Stark, the daughter of nobody important in a village in Antiva. She’s a capable leader, it’s noted quickly and just as quickly she is promoted and encouraged. She seems to thrive in the most desperate of situations, as others weep or sob she survives and leads the charge. Shapeshifter, an abomination of a magical class but nobody wants to harm her. She’s saved lives, she’s lost men, she is important to Haven. </p>
As Haven falls to an unknown rival and it’s Archdemon, Zanthe leads refugees out. Still ever calm and delightful as always in these situations, she’s an inspiration. Yet not even the most inspiring can drown out despair and fears. Those who died were mourned, filled with a conflict of emotions. She did not mourn them however. She remained stoic and silent at vigils. Skyhold harbors more hard times, troops return to the Inquisition stronghold with horror stories. They share their pain, spread their feelings to others. Zanthe has risen through the ranks of the Inquisition, now sitting pretty as Lieutenant Stark. A loyal and faithful guardian of Thedas… Or so they are made to believe. </p>
Zanthe is no mortal, she may bleed the same blood as any human or dwarf but she is far from them. What is she then? Zanthe is a demon of Despair. The pains and woes of men are more valuable to her than gold. For many years, perhaps since the beginning of time, the demon in question manipulated and twisted Thedas to her delight. Riots in Alienages were her doing, strings pulled and despair fed upon like a wolf might feed upon a deer. They were pawns to her. The flames of rebellions were fanned by this demon. Despair led to hope and as the Alienages were once again purged or crushed, despair returned tenfold! She came out victorious in every endeavor through the Fade. </p>
She offers no comfort but instead enjoys the pain and agony humanity provides. The Inquisition is the perfect feeding ground. However as hope likely grows and despair fades so will Zanthe from Skyhold. For now, Skyhold is perfect for her and her needs. Her magic protects her from being discovered as a demon. Zanthe claims to have learned Shapeshifting from her mother before an illness wiped her family out save for herself. In reality the despair demon fits what is needed to feed. A rat in an Alienage will not be noticed, she may feed in peace. A bird above battle fields will be unmarked, she can feast. This is done so that her ever aching need for despair is filled at any time she requires.</p>
How did she escape the Fade? Had she been summoned or did she escape through the thin portion of the Veil? Perhaps the Conclave explosion set her free? Desperate mages seeking a demon to bind for whatever uses, they would not live to tell her. Zanthe slaughtered them with ease for she is no weak demon of despair. They were her first meal in the solid world. Afterwards she needed protection when she acquired a vessel. Off to Tevinter she went, a ward given in exchange for a price by a Priest who falsifies his humanity, a Priest who was just like her. </p>
Demons have personality? Yes, yes they do. Zanthe could be considered a leader and is, in fact, considered one within the Inquisition. She leads men into battle waving the Inquisition banner. It’s those desperate and uncertain moments that make her shine. After all, that’s what despair demons do. She does not comfort others and if she does, you must be lucky. Why comfort someone you can feed from? Unfortunately part of being in the mortal world is mimicking humanity. She’s quite cold and brash, if she dislikes you, you will know. </p>
Zanthe fears nothing and nobody. Elves are a favorite of hers. After fanning and sparking rebellions for her own needs, she’s found them the easiest to feed from. They are also rather pretty if looks were to matter. Dwarves are equally nice to gorge herself on, dwarves who live within the earth are her preferred if she’s to drink the despair of a sentient boulder. The darkspawn are a great source of many things for demons. Fear, envy, rage, hunger, and absolutely despair… Yet its elves she favors both for her desires and in general. </p>
She’s tactical and coy, her battle plans or ideas are well thought out. She needs to feed from these people, she cannot let them die. Do not mistake that for her caring. A farmer protects its cattle for that is its food source. It is no different here. </p>
The natural form of Zanthe is that of a despair demon. They are small demons, normally found hiding their faces. The skin of despair demons is slippery, as if the skin would fall from bone. The teeth of her natural form are very much like rat teeth along with the same small beady eyes of rodents. Feet of despair demons are considered quite large compared to their thin and almost frail appearing bodies. This specific demon, in the demonic state, has a soft and airy voice. It’s meant to bring forth despair and depression in a unique manner, a manner that works. </p>
A soft innocent voice tells you that you are wrong, you did wrong, etc. You believe it. It must be your conscience. Thus you fall for the trap she’s laid out, ensnared and trapped, feeding the hunter. They are known for their affinity for all things cold. Zanthe is no different. Her skin in her disguise is cold, almost to the point of touching ice instead of flesh. </p>
Zanthe however possesses a body in which she operates from. Her skin is pale—and is still ice cold to the touch—and her hair is as fiery as the magic she conjures. She has a lovely set of pale blue eyes, just another attribute to her love for all things cold. She’s a fan of armor as she loves the protection it offers. Otherwise she can be found in all black or relatively dark colors. Occasionally blues or reds but she prefers black and grey above all else. </p>
Shapeshifter Forms:</p>
A black rat – perfect for fitting into tight spaces, blending in, reconnaissance, and for simply hiding. </p>
A gyrfalcon – this gives her the ability to fly, feast from above, and take in her surroundings. </p>
A cougar – it’s a big fucking cat; she will rip you apart and eat you in battle. </p>

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/jPBe4w/151442069949220_3.jpg" class="appimage">
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