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Vadior Aerilus


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Dec 24 2017, 01:12 AM
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<h1>Vadior Aerlius</h1>
<h2>45 years old . magister . mage . richard armitage</h2>
<h3>Day . 27 . EST . discord</h3>
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<ol>Other Characters</ol>
Eirik Vadi

27 Drakonis


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Human - Tevinter


Lawful Evil


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Pedrila Aerilus - Wife (Deceased)<br>
Katiya Aerilus - Daughter<br>
Alena Aerilus - Daughter<br>


Staff - Expert


<i>Masters of this school of magic summon cold that bites deeper than the cruellest winter. Their icy spells slow and weaken enemies.</i><p>

<i>Masters of this school of magic call forth the power of thunder and lightning. Their spells paralyze foes and arc from one enemy to another.</i>

<b>Blood Magic</b><br>
<i>Every mage can feel the dark lure of blood magic. Originally learned from demons, these dark rites tap into the power of blood, converting life into mana and giving the mage command over the minds of others.</i>


The Aerilus is a House in well-standing among the highest echelons of Tevinter society. Ever traditionalist, powerful, and inherently of magical blood, the sigil of the Aerlius black horse carries a certain amount of weight. Sitting at the Tevinter Imperial Senate, they have long been a voice of conservatism. With hundreds of slaves to its name, multiple estates, legions of servants and soldiers, and a comfortable spot at the top, the Aerilus family has never wanted for change.<p>

Vadior assumed the role of family patriarch. His staff is as old as the family itself and cold to the touch, for they are known for their mastery in the freezing Winter school of magic — though, like so many others, are able practitioners of blood magic behind closed doors.<p>


Vadior has always been quite serious, but he only grew more severe with age. Managing the Aerilus family and most of its affairs is a stressful job, and his mannerisms have grown curt and abrupt, if only to save a little time. Just as traditionalist as his father before him, and just as power-hungry, he nonetheless adheres to a standard set upon him by himself, or by society, even when inconvenient, for he is preoccupied with dignity and decorum. Vadior demands everyone closest to him to adhere to these standards, too, and holds them to astronomically high expectation.<p>

Vadior is a man who has been obeyed nearly his entire life. He has confidence in his power. This makes him, predictably, arrogant. It is one of his defining traits; he wears it on his face and in the way he holds himself, spine erect, head high. Arguing with him is a lesson in futility. Rarely does he see himself as in the wrong.<p>

His gray eyes, propensity to wear dark clothing, and mastery of winter all tends to give one the impression of sheer cold. Though his two daughters remain, the last of his warmth died when his late wife did. One can find little emotion in him, much less a connection. He doles out punishment or reward in a mechanical fashion, and those living with him know that they need only stay with their toes in line — and not an inch more.<p>

<b>Character History</b><p>

Vadior was the result of careful selection from a long family tree. As expected, he was born with the ability to wield magic. Though his childhood was as cushioned as one might expect, he soon turned his sights on patriotism and the Tevinter militia, joining the fight at Seheron in his prime. His status quickly appointed him as mage general. While some who had been passed the role thanks to their mothers or fathers wielded the position clumsily, Vadior established himself as an able tactician and leader during his near-decade long service. His most grievous wound included an arrow through a lung, the scars of which still remain. It wasn’t long after he recovered that Vadior finally returned home, thirty now, and ready to inherit the head of the family after his father — notoriety and honors now safely under his belt.<p>

He would come home to a wife he had married and not seen for years. The first daughter she had conceived before he left; the second, during sojourns from Seheron. They were both approaching their teens when he finally came back to Tevinter to stay.<p>

Taking over the Aerlius family was as dangerous as the front lines, in other ways. Vadior often claimed that he preferred facing Qunari rather than the vipers that propagated the Magisterium. His wife was found in her bed one morning, a rigid fist clutching the sheets, lips blue and eyes open; poisoned they said, but by whom has still eluded them to present times. Her oldest daughter was fifteen when she passed, and the youngest, twelve. While this created some strain between the Aerliuses and his late wife’s family, the relationship survived through the shared blood of his children.<p>

Vadior raised them thereafter with the intent that one day, one or both would assume the position of head of the family, and hopefully one of the Magisterium themselves. While he had always been dispassionate, cold and calculating, there was a difference in how he treated his daughters, however slight. Tiny, easily missed, but a soft spot nonetheless.<p>

Nowadays his eyes turn towards Ferelden and the goings-on of the Inquisition. He dismisses the Venatori on the grounds that they are the latest in-fashion cult, and Corypheus — he makes him look bad.

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