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 Amantia, Marina
Marina Amantia
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 09:05 PM
Marina Amantia
She/Her - GMT+2

Marina Amantia

Unknown Age . Venatori . warrior . Zara Axeronias

Marisa . 20 . GMT+2 . pm or discord

Basic Info

    Other Characters
Varric Tethras
Mirae Ethelan
Katari Adaar


She traveled through a rift that opened after the breach appeared, but her real age is unknown.

The Fade

    Current Residence

    Race & Nationality
Desire Demon - Appears Tevene

Neutral Evil - Marina is typically selfish and has no qualms about turning on allies-of-the-moment, and she usually makes allies primarily to further her own goals. She has no compunctions about harming others to get what she wants, but neither will she go out of her way to cause carnage or mayhem when she sees no direct benefit for herself. Another valid interpretation of neutral evil holds up evil as an ideal, doing evil for evil's sake and trying to spread its influence.

    Family Members

Two-handed - Expert
Sword & Shield - Intermediate
Hand-to-hand - Advanced

Warmonger - The warmonger is a confident adversary, well-versed in taunting foes, cutting through them, and sending them to the dirt in a bloody heap. Warmongers are also experts in controlling enemy aggression, possessing abilities that draw foes toward them and that, through stun effects, cause enemies to forget who they were fighting.

Vanguard - These stalwart warriors protect their allies by making themselves the biggest target on the battlefield. When enemies take the bait, Vanguards pick them apart with brutal precision. A vanguard believes that a good offense is the best defense. Their powerful strikes are matched with ruthless technique.
Reaver - Reavers are terrifying fighters who are driven by the pain and fear of their enemies. They are created through an unknown method of ritual involving the person intending to become a reaver to drink dragon blood — similar to the Grey Warden Joining ceremony.

Life is power. Blood Mages know this, but they are not the only ones. Warriors can also command the energy that flows through blood and bone, but it is not an easy path. The Reaver specialization trades pain for strength in a constant balance of selfish sacrifice. At first it seems that Reavers are doing the work of their enemies, damaging themselves in gruesome fashion. But Reavers can transform their own living essence into raw damage, and then replenish that health by stealing the life from their foes.

It's a dangerous gamble that counts on added strength to destroy enemies before incoming attacks or the Reavers' own abilities kill them. At its best, the Reaver specialization results in a brutal harmony. As the battle gets bloodier, these vicious and deadly warriors get even more brutal. Hurting them just makes them mad, a mistake most enemies don't live to repeat.

Appearance & Power

    Human Form
This alluring desire demon has learned to hide herself quite well behind this very beautiful human form. She poses as a tall woman whose looks give away the age of 29 years old, with lustrous red hair and piercing green eyes. Marina wears a form-fitted Venatori styled armor which compliments her curvy and muscled body making her a very welcomed sight for many. She has very lush lashes which frame her eyes nicely and she wears a dark charcoal liner around her eyes making her eyes irresistible. It's true that she has chosen the right form to pose as and many fall into her trap that she calls a human body.

In her human form, Marina cannot use her demon powers, but she poses as a skilled warrior who devastates her enemies around her and aids the Venatori as she sees fit. As a demon she is far more stronger than an average warrior and she uses this to her advantage to climb the Venatori ranks. She is a monster on the battlefield as she swings her large two-handed sword, she is to be feared, but most importantly, desired, since many find a strong female intriguing.

    Intermediate Form
> Click to see the intermediate form <

In this form Marina turns into a demonic creature with a hollow skull head and a reptile tail. This beast on two legs is about the size of a shriek and her scream can be heard miles away. In this form she also has the legs darkened with a red tone, huge red claws and ropes tied around her body. She also has a snake tongue and red glowing eyes in those dark empty eye sockets.

Charge - The creature charges at its enemy, dealing damage if the attack hits and it has a chance of knocking the opponent down.
Shred - The creature lunges at an opponent knocking them on the ground and tears it with its powerful jaws and claws. If the attack hits, it is an automatic critical hit. If the target can bleed, it takes addition damage for a short time.
Howl - The creature lets out a loud and fearsome howl, reducing the defense of all enemies in the area. It also has the chance to stun enemies.
Frenzy - The creature strikes at its opponent four times in a frenzy, dealing damage each time.

    Demon Form
> Click to see the demon form <

Flaming red fire as her hair, twisted horns and dark eyes with a red iris. She has light red skin and tail like a whip, which has sharp spikes coming out of it. Marina's hands and legs are completely darkened in this form and she has very sharp and long claw like fingers. She is usually seen in this form in the fade, but as she is a Desire Demon she may change her gender as she sees fit, to change according to her pray's desires.

There is hardly any clothes on her in this form, there is only a cloth hanging in front of her private parts with some loose cloths and ropes tied around her. Her nipples are covered with small golden plates from which hands golden chains that link to a golden swirly armbands in both of her arms. She also wears a tube necklace which is just many golden rings around her neck with red shoulder pads attached to it.

In her demon form Marina has many magical and mind controlling abilities that she cannot use in her other forms. In her demon form she is immune to spiritual damage, but she has a weakness to electricity and nature damage. The abilities that she can use in this form are listed and explained below.

Cone of Cold - Marina's hands erupt a cone of frost, freezing her targets solid. Targets frozen solid by Cone of Cold can be shattered with a critical hit.
Winter's Grasp - Marina envelops her enemy in frost, freezing weaker enemies solid. Those that resist suffer a penalty to movement speed.
Flame Blast - Marina's hands erupt a cone of flame, inflicting fire damage on all targets in the area of effect for a short amount of time.
Shock - Marina's hands erupt, emitting a cone of lightning, damaging all targets in the area.
Arcane Shield - Marina generates a protective ward that helps divert incoming attacks and she gains a small bonus to defense. This spell stays active when activated.
Spell Shield - While this ability is active, any hostile spells targeted at her has a 75% chance of being absorbed into the Fade, draining her mana instead. Once her mana is low, the shield collapses.
Drain Life - Marina creates a sinister bond for a moment with her target, draining small amounts of their life energy in order to heal her own wounds.
Glyph of Repulsion - Marina inscribes a strange glyph on the ground that knocks back enemies.
Weakness - Marina drains her target of energy, inflicting penalties to attack and defense, as well as reducing their movement speed.
Misdirection Hex - Marina's target suffers a frustrating hex of inaccuracy for a shot period of time. All hits become misses, while critical hits become normal hits.
Horror - Marina forces her target to cower in fear, unable to move. Targets that are already under a sleep spell when this spell is cast cannot resist its effect and take massive spirit damage.
Scream - Marina screams a horrible shriek and inflicts spirit damage which also stuns her target for a moment.
Cursed Dance - Marina inflicts a curse on all nearby enemies. Females are knocked down and take penalties to all resistances. Males are also knocked down and cannot heal for a time. All enemies also take spirit damage for a time and have a chance of falling asleep for a short period of time.


Of all the threats from beyond the Veil, few are more insidious and deceptively deadly than the desire demon. Far more intelligent than the bestial hunger and rage demons, more ambitious than the demons of sloth, these spirits are among the most skilled at tempting mages into possession.

Desire demons use the yearnings of the victims – lust, wealth, power – to their advantage. Their abilities to affect the mind allow them to assume disguises and even alter the environment to their purposes. As a result, many who become their prey never realize it. While desire demons may resort to an outright mind control, Marina seems to take greater pleasure in more subtle deceit.

If overpowered, Marina will most likely attempt to bargain her way to freedom. These deals usually end with her gaining an upper hand, even when her prey believes otherwise.

When Marina entered the world of the mortals she had to adapt her appearance and personality to get around the world without seeming suspicious. She joined the Venatori, since as her demon nature was evil, it helped to be with other people with similar ideas. She is quite arrogant and selfish, having great trust in her own abilities as a demon and a warrior. She doesn't care about others at all and only works with others if it has benefits for herself. If the Venatori happen to be a dead end, she will abandon them gladly to survive.

Marina is very much a major bitch, but when she is hunting to fill her hunger she will transform to what her prey wants and seduces them. When she succeeds she devours their souls without any regret. She is spiteful and looks out for the number one thing in her mind, herself, but cares about some people more than she would admit. She has some ability to work within the Venatori system, but she rose into a higher rank to take advantage of others and to have less people to control her.


Marina was once something good, a spirit of purpose. The spirit giving help for those with a strong sense of purpose, a goal in life, but in need of help, a little push forward. She came to aid a young elven mage, a dreamer, who searched the Fade in need of aid for his goal. His purpose was to free his family from slavery, but Purpose was so easily twisted into Desire, the desire to destroy slavers even after the elven mage had succeed in saving his family. His family was not the same nor would they ever be, which made the mage angry and he starter to desire vengeance.

As the spirit of purpose had linked herself to the mage, boosting his sense of purpose and lending him her aid, the spirit transformed into desire quickly as the man's mind got corrupted, only to be devoured by the previously named spirit of purpose, now the demon of desire, wicked and cunning. This demon of desire was now invading the dreams of people, luring them into corruption with their deepest of desires. She roamed the fade alone, sometimes long periods of time without coming across other demons or spirits, nor any mages to prey upon.

She heard about the war between mages and templars in the world of mortals, which had little interest to her excluding the fact that the times of despair and fear made the people more vulnerable to trick and devour. It was at this time she came upon a demon of Fear, feasting at the fear that the war in the mortal realm provided. She was told rather quickly who's territory that part of the fade was, and she did not oppose since the strength in power was rather obvious to the other demon's advantage.

When she was about to leave to other hunting grounds, she was stopped by the fear demon's voice, "You can feel it coming, can't you?" The demon said grinning. She did feel something, but it was uncertain what it was, it was just a small tingling in the air of the Fade, nothing more. "We should use this to our advantage, when we have the chance." He had continued, but ignored the desire demon after that. She left quickly after this and did not see the demon of fear after for quite some time.

She wanted to prepare for whatever was to come and by intrigue of the humans, she studied the art of fighting and also went through an old ritual where she was needed to drink the blood of a dragon to gain more power. Once the huge tear in the sky opened to the fade and other rifts appeared, she was quite intrigued by this event. This was certainly the change the demons had felt in the air and as she investigated the tear, a rift, in front of her, she felt the pull of the rift. Marina decided to go through one, since it was a huge opportunity to the demon. She jumped through the rift, getting sucked into the mortal world, it was quite a painful experience, but she kept her form quite well.

The rift she appeared from was in the woods of the Hinterlands, hidden from the mortals, but certainly not for long. She transformed herself into a female human figure hiding her true form. Even though she was good at deceiving humans for what was really in front of them, she knew that the mages and templars would most likely feel what she really was. She needed something to mask that feeling of demonic presence with something, but she was not good at that sort of magic herself. She traveled through the land, avoiding the places where humans resided, only coming in contact with some individuals.

On her travels she heard a rumor about a man with certain talents, Valefor Murmur, who could make wards. Maybe he could do one for her? Her destination set she traveled through the land for many days. She had noticed that human food kept her hunger for souls aside for times when she wasn't close to any humans, but when she met one on a road, she lured them in, promised what they truly desired and then devoured them, leaving soulless empty bodies on the side of the roads, not caring if they were found.

As her journey came to an end when she found the man, she knew what he was. The fear demon she had met a long time ago in the fade. She asked for a ward and they made a deal, she owed him a favor, as he said and gave her the ward which was in the form of a red gemstone hanging on a small chain. After saying her thanks and promising to pay the favor she owned him, she roamed the land free and traveled to many places, coming across the group called the Venatori. They were a group of mostly mages who worshiped some ancient magister god who was the one who had had something to do with the explosion opening all the rifts.

She joined the group out of boredom, but since her human form was not capable of magic her rank in the group was quite small, but against all odds she rose the ranks of the Venatori, being known as a fearsome female warrior who was desired by many men and even women.


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