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<h1>Ivandriel Tabris</h1>
<h2>30 years old . Warden-Commander . rogue . Vinnie Woolston</h2>
<h3>Isilzheha . 27 . EST . PM or Discord</h3>
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17 Wintermarch, 9:12 Dragon


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Elf - Ferelden


Neutral Evil


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Mother - <i>Adaia</i> (Deceased) <p>
Father - <i>Cyrion</i> (Alive)<p>
Cousin - <i>Shianni</i> (Alive)<p>
Cousin - <i>Soris</i> (Alive)


Bow - <i>Expert</i><p>
Daggers - <i>Advanced</i><p>
Hand-to-hand - <i>Expert</i>


Subterfuge - <i>Experts in these talents are masters of misdirection. Whether leaping to safety, disappearing into the shadows, or tricking enemies into slashing at empty air, they are never where anyone expects them to be.</i><p>
Scoundrel - <i>Rogues proficient in these dastardly talents delight in exploiting their enemies' weaknesses and controlling the flow of battle.</i><p>

Assassin - <i>Any rogue can kill a target, but assassins make death into an art form. They specialize in quick, deadly kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected, or indirect kills that eliminate targets while the assassin is safely away. Ivandriel learned a good deal from his mother Adaia, picking up on furthered training when Zevran joined him in his travels.</i><p>


<b><i>The Looks:</b></i> At first glance one would not think him to be someone who can hold his own in a fight. Standing at 5’3” it makes him considerably shorter than most of his human companions he has traveled with and even some of the other elves. Soft, angled features only add to the effect, high cheekbones and a pointed chin giving him a graceful flair. His hair is a dark brown, a multitude of shades throughout thicker tresses that is typically kept short in some fashion so it does not impede his eyesight. Being an elf his skin his fair and on the darker side, though not as pigmented as some of his kin, and his body is left bare of any tattoos. He is not without scars, however, a collection of them marring his flesh along his torso and even his legs in some spots. More prominent ones rest upon his face, a more horizontal strip of scar tissue slashing down from his right ear to beneath his cheekbone. On the left side a thinner scar reaches up from his ribs over his collarbone to creep along his throat before cutting across his jaw towards his mouth.<p>

Depending on what he is wearing a bite mark can be seen on his right clavicle, somewhat jagged though lacking the tearing of something trying to pull a piece of him away. Long, pointed ears are not even left untouched though some of it is self-inflicted in the way of various jewelry. His right ear, however, has seen better days. The tip is missing along with several slivers of flesh, claw marks telling of the source as they angle down across his ear. His eyes are a piercing golden color, and while they might be warm at first glance the look they hold usually is not. As far as musculature goes, Ivandriel has been training his body ever since he was first able to wield a dagger. His muscles are lean and maintained, constant traveling and battling sustaining his strength when he is not continuously honing his skills.<p>

<b><i>The Depth:</i></b> It is unclear what drives him, what kept him upon the path that had been set forcefully before him. Many could say it was all for himself, forced through the Joining and having his body succumb to the tainted blood with nowhere to go but forward. Being conscripted he could not go back to the home he once knew, not that it meant much to him after his mother had died, and to flee would mean doing so for the rest of his life with the Grey Wardens nipping at his heels for desertion. So Ivandriel kept his eyes forward, determined to see it through to the end in hopes it would relieve the burden that had been set none too gently upon his shoulders. That, and he wanted to see if he could garner enough reputation and resources that he could utilize in the future. An idle curiosity coupled with amusement, the young elf finding it endlessly entertaining that many would flock to the Warden’s banners despite the one who led them. The Wardens did not discriminate based on gender or race, yet Ivandriel certainly did. His distaste for humans did not go checked either by himself or those around him, a great deal of responsibility and hope placed upon him that caused many to overlook his disgust.<p>

He is always looking after himself, and while he holds some loyalty to those that have earned it they have all split ways. In isolation he prefers it, alongside his mabari companion, having spent enough time around others to adopt that thinking. Quick to ire though rarely does it impede his progress. He is more likely to put an abrupt end to whoever and whatever causes such emotions, becoming cold and calculating in those situations. He harbors a deep bitterness in his heart that he has learned to compartmentalize but still lingers there, a rather pessimistic view of the world doing little favors for it. Once he does get close enough to someone, however, he loves deeply and completely. Perhaps he might be a different person entirely, if anyone should ever hold a place in his heart like that.<p>

Overall he is a devilish sort, full of sarcasm and not afraid to speak his mind. He is cunning, and doesn't think twice about lying if it gains him what he needs. There is a charisma about him many find hard to ignore, an intelligence lurking beneath the surface of an otherwise unassuming visage that some find unnerving. He is hardened from his past, and reserved because of it, though given his emotional detachment to a great many things it does not burden him like it used to when he was younger. Over the years he has managed to quiet most of the twisted dreams brought upon by being a Grey Warden, the death of the archdemon helping in this matter but he is still plagued by all that comes with being a Grey Warden, much to his annoyance. <p>

<b><i>The Past:</i></b> His life had been a constant push towards something better, something greater, even if it went against his personal desires. What constituted as <i>better</i> and <i>greater</i> were not things Ivandriel cared much for. Put into place by those around him, he had been an elf forced to grow faster than he should have. Of course, those who know him might find that debatable, considering his outlook on the world. Ivandriel had been drifting listlessly, a stranger trapped within his origins that reworked his psyche to match his surroundings: volatile. A man unhinged in ways given his meager upbringing in the alienage of Denerim, he was born into the Tabris family that was known to be hard workers and yet still considered deviants among the alienage given their inclination for being more rough around the edges. Ivandriel was born to Adaia and Cyrion Tabris, an only child with the company of his two cousins that connected better with his mother than his father. Adaia wasted no time in beginning to teach Ivandriel how to fight, how to deceive when necessary, and ultimately how to survive. She knew the truth of the world, and gave that truth to her son when he was old enough to begin comprehending it.<p>

<p>Given their practices many steered clear of them, content to pull the wool over their eyes and pretend they had it better than the humans that berated them and treated them like the dirt they walked on. Adaia had been teaching Ivandriel the ways of the assassin when he was merely fourteen years of age, though abruptly she was stolen away from him by human guards. The events were unclear, even when Cyrion tried to tell his son, and Ivandriel did not take the loss very well. He withdrew, lashing out when the anger became too much for him to hold onto, and his father would often have to get him out of trouble. Several years passed and Cyrion left the alienage with the hahren to find spouses for Ivandriel and his cousin Soris in Highever, the news bringing a great deal of discomfort and frustration from the elf. On his wedding day he contemplated fleeing the alienage and finding the Dalish he had heard stories about yet never seen, though his cousin talked him out of it. However, a human lord barged into the alienage attempting to steal away some of the elven woman. Shianni was included among them, managing to knock the human out cold. Later on he would return with more in his company during the ceremony, knocking Ivandriel unconscious and kidnapping his bride to be as well as a few others.<p>

When Ivandriel woke he was enraged, the Grey Warden named Duncan offering him weapons yet refused to involve himself as the elf tore off to the human’s manor and fought his way inside. He spared nobody, if he could help it, cutting them down like the dogs they were with Soris in tow. One of the women had been killed, and Shianni had been raped. Ivandriel’s disgust towards humans only worsened, and he slaughtered the men who had done it as well as their lord. He tried to bribe his way out of his sentence, but the elf cared little. Returning to the alienage, guards had already been sent to find the ones responsible for the carnage. Pinning it on Ivandriel the Grey Warden hurried to conscript him, which had been the original reason for him traveling to the alienage anyways. With that, reluctantly Ivandriel followed Duncan to Ostagar. Upon arriving at the camp he met another Grey Warden, Alistair, and two others by the name of Ser Jory and Daveth. Duncan tasked them with entering the Kocari Wilds to collect darkspawn blood as well as find a cache of treaties. This where Ivandriel met Morrigan, the witch bringing them to meet Flemeth who turned over the treaties without a fight. Returning to the camp the darkspawn blood was put into a concoction the new recruits were then made to drink.<p>

Ivandriel would have refused at first, had it not been for Daveth succumbing to the taint and Ser Jory forcing Duncan’s blade when the man protested against it. Duncan ended his life, and Ivandriel had no other option but to drink the blood lest he suffer the same fate. Luckily he survived, and after recovering from the ritual was briefed by King Cailan and Teyrn Loghan Mac Tir. Ivandriel and Alistair were tasked with lighting a signal fire within Ishmal Tower that would indicate to Loghain and his men to flank the wave of darkspawn. After fighting to the top and felling the ogre to light the fire, Loghain took his men and retreated. The darkspawn descended, killing Duncan and King Cailan in the process, and nearly taking the two Warden’s lives.<p>

Flemeth saved them both, the last two Wardens left alive in Ferelden at the time, and Ivandriel suggested to use the treaties to gather an army to fight the Blight. Morrigan joined them then, and the three began to set off to Lothering. They were stopped by a warhound, one Ivandriel had helped back at Ostagar, and the mabari imprinted upon him. Ivandriel named him Ashvin, and after killing the Darkspawn that came with the hound they made it to Lothering. There they welcomed a bard into their midst by the name of Leliana, the qunari Sten left in his cage when he refused Ivandriel’s offer of freedom. Traveling to Redcliffe in search for Arl Eamon they found it overrun with hordes of the undead, Ivandriel begrudgingly helping them reinforce the village and fight them if only to gain the favor he needed. Eamon’s son did not survive the encounter, Connor the source of the undead and Ivandriel made the decision to kill him to end the demon that possessed him. His mother carried out the deed, though Eamon still needed to be healed from the poisoning he had received by Jowan, a blood mage that was also put down.<p>

Another victory in itself that was not without another attempt on the Warden’s life. Lured into an ambush by a group of Antivan Crows hired to kill Ivandriel and Alistair they were subdued. Ivandriel allowed the elf Zevran to speak up in his defense before he would kill him, swayed by the assassin and allowing him to join them. This led the Warden to Denerim, a series of events turning him to Haven. They were not received well, and even attacked, though they quickly went to a ruined temple where they had been told the Urn of Sacred Ashes resided. A dragon-worshiping cult had taken up residence there, believing Andraste had been reborn into the beast, the leader urging Ivandriel to pour the blood of the dragon upon the ashes so power could be restored. Not really caring of the outcome Ivandriel did just that after a portion had been taken to heal Arl Eamon to avoid further conflict where it wasn’t necessary. After achieving the forces he sought through the Arl the Warden entered Kinloch Hold to quell the dissent that had begun in the wake of Loghain’s betrayal. He fought his way to defeat Uldred, a mage who had become an abomination, and ultimately stopped the Templars from killing the mages within the tower so that he could use them in the oncoming battle. <p>

The Dalish elves in the Brecilian Forests were being attacked by werewolves when they arrived, Ivandriel siding with the elves and putting a stop to the hostile werewolves. By doing so he gained more allies, setting sights for the dwarves next. Those of which were experiencing struggles of their own with the lack of a successor to the late king. Ivandriel aids them in this matter, supporting Bhelen and keeping the Anvil of the Void intact. In turn this gains him more bodies for his army, Ivandriel returning to Arl Eamon to tell him to call the Landsmeet. Ivandriel presents his case, though none could come to a consensus so trial by combat is required. The Warden gratefully accepts the challenge, thrilling at the opportunity to cut the traitor down. And he does just that, driving his dagger into his throat with a vengeance. With the Landsmeet drawn to a conclusion Riordan, a senior Orlesian Grey Warden, gave Ivandriel information on how archdemons were defeated in the past and told him the ultimate price Wardens pay in doing so.<p>

At first Ivandriel was enraged. The Grey Wardens had kept much from him, secrets kept tucked away and perhaps if Duncan had still been alive he would have told him sooner. So close to the final battle, once the initial anger waned it was replaced by something he cared little to admit feeling: fear. He didn’t want to die, naturally, and had he not been forced into the life of a Grey Warden perhaps he would have felt it honorable to make the sacrifice. However, this was simply not the case. Morrigan approached him with an offer of a ritual that would displace the soul of the archdemon and spare his life, an opportunity that Ivandriel grimly accepted. It called for him and Morrigan to conceive a child together, one that would have the taint and attract the Old God soul within the archdemon once it had been felled. This would prevent Ivandriel’s death and any of the Grey Wardens in the process of killing the beast, a sacrifice in itself that the Warden made if only to spare his own life. With that being done they fought, darkspawn against Ivandriel’s army, and the archdemon was killed.<p>

Months later Ivandriel was made Warden-Commander of Ferelden, granted Vigil’s Keep that was tended to in order to rebuild the Grey Warden order in Ferelden. It became their main base, though it would not be long before they were set upon by disciples of a sentient darkspawn that came to be known as the Architect. The creature had dispatched them under the guise of communication, the Warden not thinking twice about the invading darkspawn. Investigating it Ivandriel was put into the middle of a civil war among the darkspawn, hordes of them led by the Architect and the opposing Mother who wished to destroy the Grey Wardens. Ultimately Ivandriel sided with the Architect, considering his words of attempted peace no matter the costs and seeing him as a potential ally for a newfound interest in finding a way to stop the Calling. So he defeated the Mother, defending Vigil’s Keep even when the city of Amaranthine perished from the siege the blighted creature laid upon it, the Grey Wardens becoming the Silver Order as a result of Ivandriel’s involvement. Fortified and with the new darkspawn threat quieted Ivandriel spent some years there before disappearing without a trace.<p>

His plan was to travel West to follow a lead he had uncovered about stopping the Calling and subsequently freeing himself from the tainted blood within his veins. A new Warden-Commander took up the mantle at the Keep, though when it became a dead end Ivandriel began to backtrack through Thedas in search of new information in his self-made quest. Eventually he will return to take his position back at Vigil’s Keep, fully intending on utilizing his influence to gain new insight.<p>

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