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Lynn Beautri


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Nov 1 2017, 07:05 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 480px; background-color: #ffffff; padding: 10px 10px 0px 10px; border: #732525 solid 5px; text-align: justify; font-family: Roboto; font-color: #000000; font-size: 11px; line-height: 12px;"><center><img src=https://image.ibb.co/iKdx5w/150955682256545.jpg><p><i>7th of Bloomingtide, 9:38</i></center><div style="width: 462px; padding: 0px 10px 10px 10px;">

The Beautri clan seemed to span throughout the nations! Though the House of Orlais originated in, well, Orlais they operated throughout every country possible. One of the most occupied city-states in the Free Marches was, unfortunately for Lynn, Kirkwall. The City of Chains they called it and it was obvious to see why. She didn’t want to be here. Actually, did anybody want to be in this rotting shit hole called Kirkwall? The fucking Chantry exploded, the Champion became Viscount, and Qunari once attempted to control the damned place. Lynn wouldn’t even shit here never mind defend it or call it home. Fucking idiots… </p>

The entire purpose for being there was to check on her Uncle Tomas who handled the Kirkwall portion of the Beautri operations. With her older brother Bernard currently in Antiva doing the same, Lynn had drawn the short straw to be here in mage-hole city. Her Uncle Tomas operated both in Hightown, Lowtown and even had an urchin or two on his payroll to handle his Undercity affairs. Lynn approved though she had no choice in the matter obviously. This is how Kirkwall worked and she had to accept it. No point in trying to move a mountain, right? </p>

After handling that surprisingly brief affair, she had the rest of the day to herself. Uncle Tomas made quick work of her first day of arrival. He promised to have ledgers and logs, coin and the like, ready tomorrow. That meant today was for her fucking self. She didn’t mind it, of course, but damn did it blow like a whore in the Blooming Rose. She only knew her family and nobody wanted to hang out with their cousins. Lynn had a casual set of attire on. Bland tan trousers, tanned leather boots that stopped just short of her knee, and a cherry red top that revealed a great deal of midriff and exposed a fair amount of cleavage. </p>

Visit the whorehouse, she originally thought. However whores weren’t her style. She didn’t like paying to get off and why should she? Lynn was a stunning woman. Paying for anything seemed so fucked up that it was an insult to her person. At this point though she didn’t even turn her nose up to the idea, anything to pass fucking time! On route to the famed pillow house, a little blond urchin ran to her with panting breath. He handed her a missive before bowing and scurrying away again at a surprisingly quick pace. Lynn hadn’t even read through the first sentence when the boy vanished as quickly as he appeared. </p>

Uncle Tomas had been robbed in Lowtown, the letter read, and he’d be heading up to the Viscount to bring it to his attention. There was a P.S. written at the bottom that read ‘Don’t do something stupid Lynn.’ Well, it was too damn late for that because she crumpled the letter in her grip before turning tail towards the Viscount’s whatever they called it. Palace, estate, manor, operation house of idiocy? Regardless it was where Lynn was heading. Her foot fall was heavy, echoing almost as she stomped up the stone steps. </p>

The door opened to allow the Orlesian woman in. She cleared her throat just a hint before speaking. <strong style=color:#732525> “Where is the Viscount’s office?”</strong> A woman would point towards the door in question but a guard tried to step in and intervene. That very same guard would find a fist delivered promptly into their gut when they went to touch her. <strong style=color:#732525> “Viscount Hawke has a visitor. So I’m going to see him and you will not stop me.”</strong> The guard was keeled over, arms around his stomach but he gave a nod. Her Orlesian accent seemed incredibly strong while in the throes of her obvious anger. </p>

Stomping up the steps again, Lynn had her destination in her sights. The door of one Asmodeus Hawke. </p>


@Asmodeus Hawke
Oct 30 2017, 06:02 PM
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<h1>Lynn Beautri</h1>
<h2>32 years old . Noblewoman . Warrior . Lucy Lawless</h2>
<h3>Mimsy .23. EST . PM/Discord</h3>
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<ol>Other Characters</ol>

17th of Guardian 9:09


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Human - Orlesian


Chaotic good


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Father: Antoine Beautri </p>
Mother: Elyse Beautri nee de Ghislain </p>
Brother: Gillian Beautri </p>
Brother: Bernard Beautri </p>
Twin Brother: Lydrion Beautri</p>
Niece: Bellasaria “Bella-Rae” Beautri</p>
Nephew: Damascus Beautri </p>
Nephew: Oliver Beautri</p>


Sword and shield: expert.


Vanguard – A Vanguard protects their allies by making themselves the biggest target on a battlefield. When an enemy takes the bait, Vanguards pick them apart with brutal precision. </p>
Defender – Defenders specialize in survivability, taking everything the enemy throws at them and walking away unscathed. </p>




Lynn Grace-Vandal Aria Beautri is the fourth and only daughter of the minor noble house of Orlais. Born just three minutes after her twin Lydrion, she is constantly protected by a regiment of three older brothers. Her oldest brother, Gillian, is a Chevalier of note and has fought for the crown of their dear Empress Celine. Bernard is the intended heir to the Beautri fortune. Her twin was intended to be a Templar or a Seeker but neither were his fate, simply just not in the cards for him. Her future was to be trained as a lady, to never pick up a sword, and to marry some plump wealthy man. </p>

But she didn’t care for the company of the men her mother had picked for her they were too fat, callow, or plain rude. Lynn often rejected marriage proposals. The Game kept the meetings and endless flirting bearable. Both she and Rion—the name she called her twin brother—found the Game to be quite amusing and excelled. Sadly it made the proposals come faster. In preparation for marrying and having children, her mother taught her to dance and sing. Apparently those made for more lovely affairs than her want for sword play and blood. Her heroes, Lydrion and Gillian, taught her how to fight regardless of what their parents wished. If she was to stay in Orlais and play the Game then she must play it well which means preparing to defend oneself. </p>

Stereotypically, she was started as an archer like her twin brother but didn’t find it to her liking. Too frail, too far from those she wished to harm. Several other nonconventional weapons later and she found her talent with a sword and shield, though she can make do with whatever tossed to her in combat. Or the unconventional weapons, books, dishes… Vases too, a favorite of her mother Elyse! Her two brothers trained her in secret and nobody knew but the three of them. Better to keep them all safe from the ire of their mother, obsessed with marrying off the only daughter she had! Gillian taught her how to be the woman she was in battle, he taught her to be what she always wanted. His knowledge, skills, and tactics as a Chevalier were shared with his baby sister. </p>

A day came where her twin left her side to marry a Kirkwall Comtessa… The day forever breaks her heart as he sailed away with his bride in arms. She finds it still difficult to forgive Lydrion. Instead of training in secret like she so adored, she was forced to endure tea with potential suitors and fake smiles. But surprises lurked around every corner in Orlais. Why would they cease when her brother vanished? The blight hit Ferelden when she was twenty-two. She eyed the Grey Wardens from afar, wondering if it might be for her. Her mother could not stop her from Joining, they took in everybody. Lynn could be of use to the order of legendary fighters! However, letters from her brother on the fate of her niece and nephews ceased her foolish idea for the moment. </p>
Oliver had been born ill, frail and ready to pass. She could not run into the Blight with her nephew so new and dying. To Lynn, it’d be a betrayal. She could die and it seemed so fucking wrong to do that to not just the family but to her twin. So, she shelved her ideas for the time being in favor of playing the Game. Hoping to aid against the Blight in any manner!! It would be a day to rejoice when she found out that the blight had been defeated. Immediately Lynn left for Ferelden to check on her family living there. As a merchant family, she had family everywhere and anywhere. Denerim was a hot spot for trade being Ferelden’s capital city. She found her Uncle Jacques dead, leaving behind his wife and their small platoon of children.
After grieving with her family, Lynn vowed to invest everything in combating the darkspawn. She’s made several attempts to join the Grey Wardens but never succeeded. Each time different than the last! She simply couldn’t win. Lynn continues to try though she’s less avid now. Her focus now is on avoiding death via the Game and the endless suitors she’s tossed at. And maybe making friends for once… However, she’s learned a dark truth. Lydrion, that abandoning twin brother of hers, had Joined the Wardens. Upon his return to Orlais, he came with her niece and nephews claiming his wife being missing. </p>
It’d been Lydrion who kept her from Joining, he was a valuable asset to the Wardens. And it’d been the words of her twin brother that kept her from following in his footsteps in the taint. She has yet to forgive him for deciding her fate. Now it’s too late to dwell on that dream she harbored. Now she has to focus on surviving as the world seemingly falls apart in her lap. Lydrion is missing, her family is in ruins. It is only Lynn who keeps the Beautri family together now.</p>

An Andrastian, born and raised, that does not mean she is devout. In fact, in proper conversation she will proclaim worship of the Maker and his Bride as every good Orlesian noble does. In private with those few she trusts, her true opinions on the Andrastian Chantry are revealed. Her distaste and near hatred! She’s often prayed with others of different religions as a sign of respect. Elves attract her far more than her own race does, which gives her lots of scolding. As a teenager her wandering eyes of their elf servants earned her extreme discipline from a very unhappy mother. </p>

Thought to be cold, calculating, and stern she is actually rather bubbly and laughter-filled. Being a noble in Orlais means that you must have thick skin, a decent mind for tactics and fancy word choice! She is quite good at this, thanks to her mother, and is regularly the person who handles the affairs of the family due to this. However, she is called nothing but a blight upon the family though they still depend on her. She calls her ability to switch from her true personality to the one she’s been modeled into the “Noble-bullshit switch” and it’s worked well for her. </p>
Lynn loves to laugh. She’s incredibly sarcastic and sassy, always smiling or laughing when in the company that allows that. She is often called Lady Lynn and part of her loathes it while another enjoys it immensely. Many find her taste in friends, in allies, or in any part of her life to be distasteful. Unlike many nobles of Orlais—who have their heads stuck so far up their arse, they are a human ball—Lynn befriends anybody she desires and openly brings them around with her. To soirees, to meetings and wherever she pleases! </p>
If she were to describe herself she’d label herself as crude, mean, free speaking, and someone who swears like a pirate who stubbed their toe. She thinks herself beautiful and confident, radiant. She is unspeakably cocky but somehow reserved too. Though she dresses promiscuously and makes lewd promises or suggestions, Lynn is still a virgin. </p>
For all Lynn’s protests to remain a noble, she loves dresses. They are wonderful and she never wishes to give them up. However the shoes? The shoes can fucking go. Shoes should be for comfort, not for anything else. She also is all about armor! She has a set of armor that her brother gifted to her for her twenty-fifth birthday that caused a very large malfunction inside the Beautri household. </p>
She enjoys casual wear as well though that mostly consists of trousers, boots or barefoot, and a loose top. Her hair is an entirely different story unfortunately. She can never seem satisfied with it. It’s black and long, straight in its design but easy to manage. The length varies regularly but she prefers it long. In combat, whether sparring or actual combat, she wears it partially up to keep stray hair from her face. On other occasions, Lynn wears it fully up. </p>
Her eyes are the eyes of her father, a grey-blue. This is one way she and her twin differ. Lynn has a grey-blue while Lydrion has a bright blue, almost a sapphire! </p>

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/gEuJbR/150939164558772_12.jpg" class="appimage">
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