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Feb 16 2018, 03:13 AM
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<h1>Mien'Harel Clan</h1>
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The Mien'Harel Clan is heavily based off of the cult that is mentioned to have been within the Tirashan forest. The way they operate is relatively similar and if you wish for some foundation it can be found there. However, there are some key differences.
First and foremost, the Mien'Harel clan are a clan that venerate the Forgotten Ones instead of the Creators. As a result, they are outcasts among their own kind, seen as having committed a high crime and forsaking the people in return for power. In regards to the Mien'Harels in particular, I mention that even during the short time that Somniari lived with them that they came across some of the Dalish. They are located to the North, having been within the Free Marches (and relatively near Kirkwall) around the time Somniari was six. Chances are that they have moved on since then.
The manner in which they are supposed to act is different from how the Dalish view them. If anything, it is a twisted version of how the Dalish venerate their own gods and, ironically, is probably close to how the elves were originally treated by the Evanuris in the times of old.
The clan recognizes the Forgotten Ones as the dark twins of the Creators; however, they do not necessarily view them as malevolent. They view themselves as servants to the Forgotten Ones, though how they express this is completely open.
<li>Information on the Forgotten Ones can be found here</li>
<li>If you would like some suggestions for designs for Vallaslin, I would suggest here and here</li>
<li>The clan is meant to be fairly superstitious and holds a similar wariness of Fen'Harel as can often be found within the Dalish. The only difference is that their wariness is a bit more dangerous and cruel, as can be seen in how Somniari was believed to be cursed by Fen'Harel and her mother attempted to kill her for that.</li>
<li>In regards to beliefs, I imagine at least a mixed viewpoint on humans, as they at least interact with them slightly (Somniari's mom slept with one after all lol). However, chances are that they are at least tolerant of half-elves. Also, they are definitely more open-minded in regards to things like magic.</li>
I'm thinking about 5 individuals for the clan. At least one of them needs to be the Keeper <3

Jan 21 2018, 09:05 PM
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<h1>Romulus Fidenas</h1>
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<p>Romulus Fidenas is the youngest [legitmate] son of Maximus Fidenas. He also happens to be the only surviving member of his family. While he would normally be the heir, his relationship with Melaena is meant to make things a bit complex.

<p>The Fidenas line is meant to be Letaens. In other words, they do not hold the ancient lineage (aka, able to trace their line back to the Dreamers) and power that comes with being an Altus. However, the Fidenas are meant to be somewhat old. They are not new in regards to magic and have only been held back due to their blood (and arguably the occasional non-mage that pops up within the family).

<p>When it comes to <I>who</I> Romulus is...well, I basically imagine him as a victim. As very briefly described, he has always deferred to Melaena and it has never really crossed his mind to spill the beans on her even though he likely has enough information on her to either get her killed or get a fate worse than death. The reason for this is pretty much open (Melaena is meant to be a pretty terrible person, so magic could totally be involved). Whether he is a mage or not is open.

<p>Lastly, I imagine that Melaena was the middle child, thus why her birth is believed to have been a bit suspicious by some but was likely placed in a convenient enough time that nobody can really provide proof that he was a bastard child. While Romulus' age is open, he does need to be somewhat close in age to her as Melaena is meant to have killed the family shortly before she entered the Circle.


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<p>Nesirrill is a slave who used to serve under Maximus. Her life is...pretty much shit. She used to be a slave for Maximus, but lost such a position due to the affair he had with her as his solution to Nesirrill becoming pregnant was taking her child and selling her off to someone else. I don't imagine that she was a slave that was well suited for any sort of fighting, so maybe someone who was placed in a certain position due to her looks, menial skills, or something similar. <b>Basically, Nesirrill needs to be a civilian.</b>

<p>Overall, her past outside of this is pretty open. Nesirrill is meant to be a foreigner, likely coming from a neighboring Northern land. She would have had to been bought sometime before the Dragon Age. Outside of that...it is pretty open.

<p>Her personality is open and her appearance is open (it should be noted that Melaena takes more after Maximus' appearance).

Dec 28 2017, 02:54 PM
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<h1>Madeleine Koch</h1>
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<p>Madeleine Koch is Leonard's biological mother. She is meant to be impoverished woman who was seduced by Gerard Armitage, the latter of whom only held the purpose of trying to get a child out of her because his own wife was infertile [and Gerard is meant to have despised magic a fair amount so no blood magic]. This ended poorly for her, as Gerard ended up taking her child and ensured, through means I did not specify, that she would not become part of her child's life.

<p>Obviously, Madeleine needs to have been, at least in the beginning, to have been someone who Gerard could have somehow come into contact with. So, perhaps she worked for him or lived within whatever territory he held control over. She also needs to be human.

<p>Outside of this, pretty much everything else is open. She does not necessarily have to look like Leonard (I did specify that he took after Gerard in appearance) and it is open as to whether she even knows Leonard is alive.

Dec 28 2017, 02:37 PM
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<p>So, I mentioned this guy in Leonard's application. The two are meant to have a fairly complicated relationship, one which has only become more complicated with current events.

<p>To be brief, this guy is probably the closest thing that Leonard has to a friend. They met when he was fairly young, as when I say Leonard was abandoned by his father I am not exaggerating (he was probably 6 or 7 when he was entered into everything). The two definitely did not get along at first, as Leonard viewed him in a fairly spiteful way. As someone who struggled with learning to fight, he would have thought the supposed with which this guy could fight was unfair.

<p>Their relationship is meant to have gotten better with age, but they would have been the equivalent of friends who pretty much never stop bickering. Personality wise, they are fairly different. Where Leonard is meant to care a lot about order, this guy is meant to be "chaotic." Exactly what that means is up to interpretation. The only thing I really want out of his personality is that he be a notably better person than Leonard [Leonard is meant to be a fairly morally grey person...most of the time].

<p>For the most part his history is completely open. The only thing that I feel I should point out is that he would have definitely become part of the order at a young age as well.

<li>Would have become part of the Order at a young age</li>
<li>Morally, he is a better person than Leonard. He is either an ex-Templar or one of the few Templars who sided with the Inquisition.</li>
<li>He has a "chaotic" personality</li>
<li>He is a far better fighter than Leonard.</li>
<li>This guy...might not have given up on Leonard. He's meant to know Leonard better than the idiot knows himself so it can go either way</li>

<p>Just a side note, but <b>it is open for them to be possible lovers,</b> in some shape or form. If this dweeb ever liked Leonard, they would have either never gotten together quite yet or were just getting together. Leonard is meant to have a lot of problems with his own feelings due to the fact he was pretty much raised by the Chantry and the few years he was raised by his father & step-mother were very toxic. As such, the idea of liking another man is very foreign to him.

<p>I am open for some things to be changed :3 So, if you have an idea for this but want to change a thing or two just boop me. I'll probably say yes tbh I mostly just care that Leonard's history is followed :P

Nov 22 2017, 02:46 PM
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<h1>The Father</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Somniari's biological father, Charles, is a human that is largely unknown to her and the same can be said of her to him. He is meant to be living within Tevinter, thus explaining the lack of connection, and is a member of the Venatori. While this can be meddled around with, he cannot be an Altus and should have a relatively short line that is connected to Tevinter, perhaps being the son of immigrants or something similar (this mostly just has to do with subtle things, primarily her appearance; as a half-elf she takes after the non-elf parent).

<p>His appearance is relatively open. The only think I ask is that he not appear to be full on Tevinter (thus appearing to be another race entirely from her own) as it would not explain why she holds the appearance of a Caucasian albino (her FC is Russian).

<p>Outside of this everything else is open!


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<h1>The Spirit</h1>
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<p>This is briefly hinted at within her application, but Somniari is meant to have recently come into the company of a rather persistent Spirit that wishes to help her. It holds this opinion due to her troubled nature and has only grown more persistent. Somniari is of the opinion that it is trying to pursue a hopeless quest, but that doesn't mean she's entirely unwelcome of the help.

<p>This is entirely open. I personally imagine that this is Spirit that is among the more well known attributes, perhaps compassion, love, or justice. How it has come to take form outside of the Fade is up to you <3


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<h1>The Seeker</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Pretty much everything you need to know about this person is within my app.

<p>This woman was a former Seeker that left the Seekers of Truth shortly before they marched on Val Reyoux. She's meant to have been a stubborn woman who cares deeply about the cause the Seekers uphold: truth and justice. As can be seen from the application, she cares about this to the point that she left the order out of disgust due to the inaction in regards to Kirkwall (particularly because she discovered the extent of their abuse of power). She's also meant to have gained a dislike of Lord Seeker Lucius. At the moment, she is among the Seekers who did not follow him and whose locations are unknown.

<p>Somniari is meant to merely know of this woman by chance. The Seeker likely knows more about her due to research. Just a side note, she can't be a mage due to being a Seeker.

<p>Outside of this she is largely up to you to play with.

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