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Dec 28 2017, 02:54 PM
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<h1>Madeleine Koch</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Madeleine Koch is Leonard's biological mother. She is meant to be impoverished woman who was seduced by Gerard Armitage, the latter of whom only held the purpose of trying to get a child out of her because his own wife was infertile [and Gerard is meant to have despised magic a fair amount so no blood magic]. This ended poorly for her, as Gerard ended up taking her child and ensured, through means I did not specify, that she would not become part of her child's life.

<p>Obviously, Madeleine needs to have been, at least in the beginning, to have been someone who Gerard could have somehow come into contact with. So, perhaps she worked for him or lived within whatever territory he held control over. She also needs to be human.

<p>Outside of this, pretty much everything else is open. She does not necessarily have to look like Leonard (I did specify that he took after Gerard in appearance) and it is open as to whether she even knows Leonard is alive.

Dec 28 2017, 02:37 PM
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<p>So, I mentioned this guy in Leonard's application. The two are meant to have a fairly complicated relationship, one which has only become more complicated with current events.

<p>To be brief, this guy is probably the closest thing that Leonard has to a friend. They met when he was fairly young, as when I say Leonard was abandoned by his father I am not exaggerating (he was probably 6 or 7 when he was entered into everything). The two definitely did not get along at first, as Leonard viewed him in a fairly spiteful way. As someone who struggled with learning to fight, he would have thought the supposed with which this guy could fight was unfair.

<p>Their relationship is meant to have gotten better with age, but they would have been the equivalent of friends who pretty much never stop bickering. Personality wise, they are fairly different. Where Leonard is meant to care a lot about order, this guy is meant to be "chaotic." Exactly what that means is up to interpretation. The only thing I really want out of his personality is that he be a notably better person than Leonard [Leonard is meant to be a fairly morally grey person...most of the time].

<p>For the most part his history is completely open. The only thing that I feel I should point out is that he would have definitely become part of the order at a young age as well.

<li>Would have become part of the Order at a young age</li>
<li>Morally, he is a better person than Leonard. He is either an ex-Templar or one of the few Templars who sided with the Inquisition.</li>
<li>He has a "chaotic" personality</li>
<li>He is a far better fighter than Leonard.</li>
<li>This guy...might not have given up on Leonard. He's meant to know Leonard better than the idiot knows himself so it can go either way</li>

<p>Just a side note, but <b>it is open for them to be possible lovers,</b> in some shape or form. If this dweeb ever liked Leonard, they would have either never gotten together quite yet or were just getting together. Leonard is meant to have a lot of problems with his own feelings due to the fact he was pretty much raised by the Chantry and the few years he was raised by his father & step-mother were very toxic. As such, the idea of liking another man is very foreign to him.

<p>I am open for some things to be changed :3 So, if you have an idea for this but want to change a thing or two just boop me. I'll probably say yes tbh I mostly just care that Leonard's history is followed :P

Nov 22 2017, 02:46 PM
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<h1>The Father</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Somniari's biological father, Charles, is a human that is largely unknown to her and the same can be said of her to him. He is meant to be living within Tevinter, thus explaining the lack of connection, and is a member of the Venatori. While this can be meddled around with, he cannot be an Altus and should have a relatively short line that is connected to Tevinter, perhaps being the son of immigrants or something similar (this mostly just has to do with subtle things, primarily her appearance; as a half-elf she takes after the non-elf parent).

<p>His appearance is relatively open. The only think I ask is that he not appear to be full on Tevinter (thus appearing to be another race entirely from her own) as it would not explain why she holds the appearance of a Caucasian albino (her FC is Russian).

<p>Outside of this everything else is open!


<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>The Spirit</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>This is briefly hinted at within her application, but Somniari is meant to have recently come into the company of a rather persistent Spirit that wishes to help her. It holds this opinion due to her troubled nature and has only grown more persistent. Somniari is of the opinion that it is trying to pursue a hopeless quest, but that doesn't mean she's entirely unwelcome of the help.

<p>This is entirely open. I personally imagine that this is Spirit that is among the more well known attributes, perhaps compassion, love, or justice. How it has come to take form outside of the Fade is up to you <3


<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>The Seeker</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Pretty much everything you need to know about this person is within my app.

<p>This woman was a former Seeker that left the Seekers of Truth shortly before they marched on Val Reyoux. She's meant to have been a stubborn woman who cares deeply about the cause the Seekers uphold: truth and justice. As can be seen from the application, she cares about this to the point that she left the order out of disgust due to the inaction in regards to Kirkwall (particularly because she discovered the extent of their abuse of power). She's also meant to have gained a dislike of Lord Seeker Lucius. At the moment, she is among the Seekers who did not follow him and whose locations are unknown.

<p>Somniari is meant to merely know of this woman by chance. The Seeker likely knows more about her due to research. Just a side note, she can't be a mage due to being a Seeker.

<p>Outside of this she is largely up to you to play with.

Nov 5 2017, 02:31 PM
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<h1>Solas' Reseachers</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>In the game, it is briefly mentioned that Solas works with a group of researchers. We don't get to see much of them, but it is made clear that they pretty much specialize on what Solas is- or at least, what the Inquisition thinks Solas is- best at: the Fade and things relating to Ancient Elves. I call them researchers since they seem to work like them. They are given material and expected to figure out some shred of information about it. Whether the work in the field is optional, as they could just be someone who pokes at stuff or someone who is capable of actively searching for things.


<p>I do not really want too many people for this, mainly because I imagine that this is a branch of the Inquisition that might be marginally smaller in comparison to Leliana's scouts and such simply due to the nature of it. As such, I am setting the bar low. Species, background, and so on are all open. The only real requirement is that there is some reason as to why they might be placed among these ranks (so they don't have to be a mage!). If you have an existing character you think that could be placed here hit me up :D

Sep 29 2017, 07:51 PM
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<p>Flavius is meant to be an elven slave of Archon Radonis, as well as his lover. Despite his position, he is meant to hold a view on his situation that most might deem positive or naive (in truth, it is probably more along the lines of realistic as he sees both the good and bad in it). Outside of this, he is relatively open to how he might be played. He is meant to have been taken in because Radonis was specifically looking for someone of his skill set from whatever region he is originally from. While he is described as being intelligent, he does not actually have to be educated.

<p>One thing that is important is his background. Flavius cannot be a Dalish elf. In the comic, he is actually lacking vallaslin. While his background is open, he is not meant to be caucasian (he has a slightly darker skin tone if you compare the coloring to other characters in the comic).

<p>It should be noted that Flavius is probably around Radonis' own age (or even older than him), considering that he considered him older than he had in mind when he first took him in.


<div class="n-site-template">
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>Radonis' wife is open in almost every aspect. I don't name her in his application and whether or not she carries a family name is up to you (it is not entirely clear by current lore whether she would still have it, to be honest, as I imagine that he does not carry his family name, just as a king typically would). Her age is also open, but chances are that there is not <i>too</i> big an age gap between them despite the fact that he merely married her for convenience.

<p>One thing I would like to point out is that her personality can be somewhat different from how it is described in his application. Radonis is meant to be have horribly high standards for people, so he would probably have ignored some of her better attributes if he caught sight of her holding traits that came off as "typically Tevinter" (such as looking down on those of lower station, being overly indulgent, etc etc). He was willing to marry her, so she's not a bad person >>

<p>Anything about their relationship should be in their application (and if it is not then I'd be fine with it being interpreted to be honest). They are pretty much in a marriage that he views as one of convenience? I personally imagine that she does not know about Flavius though.


<div class="n-site-template">
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>PB: While the face claim is open, <b>he must be black.</b>

<p>This is an ad for Radonis' eldest brother. The two are meant to have a fairly complex relationship that mostly exists due to the fact that his brother is several years older than him. To give you an idea of <i>how</i> much older he is, his eldest brother is meant to have become a part of the Magisterium (aka a Magister) while he was still in the Circle of Magi. I would estimate the two having something of a 7-10 year age gap, but this is pretty open.

<p>His brother is meant to have been far more focused on following in his father's footsteps. Moreover, he is not meant to have ever been nearly as ambitious (and perhaps as observant) as his youngest brother. This combination is undoubtedly what led to him coming off as relatively unsympathetic to Radonis. Exactly how...unsympathetic or cold he might have been is quite open. While I do not mention his family having extended a hand to him while he was suffering due to rumours, it is possible that his brothers were attempting make things better or worse for him at the time.

<p>At the moment, the two are meant to have something of a tense relationship. Exactly why is fairly open.


<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>Radonis' Network</h1>
<div class="maincontent scroll">

<p>This group would be a mixture of slaves, Soporati (common citizens who are non-mages), and Liberati (freed slaves). Unofficially, there should also be some members of the Magisterium (who are either Altus Magisters or Laetans Magisters, though it should be noted that Laetan Magisters are likely smaller in number since it is incredibly difficult for them to become part of the Magisterium), though they less work for him but are allies, perhaps providing support through their seat in the Magisterium or their own connections.

<p><b>SLAVES:</b> Radonis likely has a great amount of slaves considering his station. However, it should be noted that they all probably do not function like slaves and are undoubtedly not treated like slaves. He tends to view people as having their own functions and only possesses slaves because he sees them as having a function (as well as a belief that he has to have them). Such individuals might actually do the work you'd expect to see a slave doing (like basic housework), but some he uses as extensions of himself, having them do work he is not always able to do. As such, he it is not unusual for him to take in someone with a particular skill, whether that be as simple as being a good at lying or something more visible like talent with a blade. <b>He does not delve into experiments and tends to treat such individuals as people.</b>

<p><b>LIBERATI:</B> Liberati, if you do not know, are the Tevinter subclass of officially freed slaves. Such individuals possess limited rights when you compare them to an actual citizen, but they obviously have more than an actual slave. As it is not uncommon for Liberati to work as servants, I imagine that Radonis holds several. Some would work as a mere servant or be doing something more skilled based. However, a servant would be seen to have their own uses (perhaps as someone who keeps a careful eye and ear out whenever anyone is about). Such individuals would, of course, be paid.

<p><b>SOPORATI:</b> Soporati are actual citizens of a non-mage variety [their class is known to hold a tension with the Altus and Laetans classes since they are larger, but are ruled over by them]. What such individuals do is fairly open, seeing as citizens, rogues, and warriors could fall under this. Whether there is tension or not is also open.

<p><b>MAGISTERS:</b> Radonis naturally has interactions with the Magisterium since he is the Archon; however, he is meant to have some that he pretty much views as allies. This would be a fairly political situation, as such ties are meant to be mutually beneficial. To what extent they help him is open. <b>It is unlikely that any of these individuals are Venatori or fanatics.</b> Radonis is meant to have a fair amount of knowledge as to who supports the Venatori and who the fanatics are in the Magisterium, so he'd be quite unlikely to tie himself with someone he thought might be corrupt.

<p>All of these individuals do not have to be Altus Magisters (upper class of the upper class, believed to be descended from the dreamers or magisters who could speak to the Old Gods of the Fade), but can be Laetans Magisters (Laetans are mages who were born into a family that have had no magical talent up until them or have been mages for generations but hold no link to the Altus or Dreamer class).

<p> <b>Slaves:</b> 0/-<br>
<b>Soporati:</b> 0/-<br>
<b>Liberati:</b> 0/-<br>
<b>Magisters:</b> 0/-


<p><h2>established slaves for taking</h2>

<li><i>half-elf rogue</i> - name is open. What I have established about her thus far is that she was a half-elf that was born from an unhappy union between a human and dalish elf. Her mother felt a pressure to abandon her, but was unable to do so as half-elf rogue ran away before her mother could. Somewhere along the way she grew to have a hatred for elves and at some point she had actually cut her ears (which, of course, looked quite human to begin with; the action is not meant to have been logical). By the time she was taken in as a slave she was an incredibly unhappy individual who was taken in due to her skill at gathering secrets.</li></ul>

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