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I will not bow, I will not break, I will shut the world away. I fought the fight now only dark remains - forever.
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Azriel Trevelyan


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Feb 26 2018, 02:44 PM
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<h2>Arrives 6 Bloomingtide, 9:41 Dragon</h2>
The letter in question is found sealed on the Inquisitor's personal desk in her chambers. The Sigil imprinted into the wax shows a roaring stallion in high water, the crest of house Trevelyan. Contrary to the appearance of the seal, the parchment is of common origin. In fact it is the same one, the Inquisition uses for it's internal affairs.<p>


<center><div class="bgimg" style="width: 400px; border: #7a0017 solid 0px;">
<h2 style="text-align: right;">6 BLOOMINGTIDE, 9:41 Dragon</h2><p>

<p>To Inquisitor Lavellan, Herald of Andraste,<p><p><p>
please forgive me for the intrusion, but this matter could be of utmost importance, so I took the liberty of delivering it directly to your chambers.<p>
Today a young woman arrived at Skyhold, injured and exhausted but hellbound on speaking with you. However she did not appear to be delirious or mad, but instead determined and since she apparently came all the way from Redcliffe on foot, she must require the Inquisitions assistance very urgently.<p>
From what I could gather by the time I had escorted her to one of our healers it seems to be a life and death situation that involves mages and will probably lead us to the Hinterlands again.<p>
I would have handed the matter to Leliana since she is my superior, but the girl (her name is Halera) insisted on bringing her plea directly before you and you only. Since this seems to be a legitimate request that could potentially interfere with the Inquisition's business in that area, I would ask you, to grant the child her audience.<p><p><p><p><p>
May Andraste be with you<p>
Azriel Trevelyan<p><p>

<center><img src="http://i62.tinypic.com/2rxe72c.png" width="100px"></center>


Jan 11 2018, 04:56 PM
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<p><h3> Cloudreach 11 9:41 Dragon</h3><p>
<img src="https://orig00.deviantart.net/e353/f/2018/011/e/f/the_herald_s_rest_first_floo_small_by_starframe3d-dbzok0m.png" width= "400px" class="appimage"></center><p>

It was already late but still the members of the Inquisition were celebrating their new leader. Immediately after the announcement had been made, someone had taken to clearing up the tavern in the yard. They had done a remarkable job. Apart from the still missing decor and the limited selection of available drinks - it was ale or nothing, this could have been any tavern.<p><p>
Perching herself on the railing of the third floor she observed the party. Up here she could do that without getting stares or being constantly bumped into. One of the patrons down on the first floor was already picking up a fight, apparently not able to hold his liqor, but was quickly ushered out by his comrades. Another tried to make his way across the tavern without spilling one of the seven tankards he was carrying, miraculously succeeding much to the delight of a table full of soldiers in armour.<p><p>
Then something caught her ear. Next to the blazing fireplace a bard had managed to clear a little space. The song she played was wonderful, but above the noise of the full tavern it took her a moment to recognize the tune.<p><p>
It was an old antivan lullaby - one she had often heard when she had been working for a wealthy noblehouse in Antiva City.<p><p>
To her surprise she still emembered the lyrics and soon found herself singing along. Tentatively at first her voice became soon stronger, as she was increasingly sure that no one could hear her.<p><p>
<iframe width="400" height="" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FWfuNzyuHJE?start=64" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Nov 6 2017, 07:43 PM
[dohtml]<center><div class="postcolor"> <div style="width: 500px; background-color: #ffffff; padding: 10px 10px 0px 10px; border: #8a6992 solid 5px; text-align: justify; font-family: Roboto; font-color: #000000; font-size: 11px; line-height: 12px;"><center><img src="https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/000/335/239/large/graham-kelly-skyhold-secretlibrary.jpg?1417663030" width= "500px" class="appimage"></center><p>
<center>18 Cloudreach</center><p>

Finally! Silence! She sighed as she closed the door behind her and leant heavily against it. She liked how lively Skyhold was, but sometimes it was just too much. It was noisy and loud everywhere and the whole day she had yearned for just a little bit of silence.<p>

Back when she had lived with her two brothers and three sisters it had been just as chaotic, but back then it had not impacted her as much. Since the breach had appeared in the sky, nightmares where haunting her and keeping her awake - worse than the ones that had regularly tormented her before. She often wondered, if the reason for that was the ritual that had partially reversed the rite.<p>
But it was no use thinking about it. It was not as if cases like hers where common, so there was likely no one she could ask. The only thing she could do was endure the nightly terrors and the dayly struggle to keep up appearances.<p>

Or at least it had been like that. Then she had - one night - when she had wandered aimlessly around Skyhold, trying to find the sleep that was so successfully defying her, stumbled upon this little, circular library in the castle basement near the wine cellar the Inquisitor kept her spirits in.<p>
It was old and dusty, full of spiderwebs - but it was also quiet and calm and it was full of her favourite food - knowledge.
So now, whenever she couldn't sleep or was startled awake she came down here.<p>

Slowly she pushed herself away from the door and pulled out the antique, wonderfully crafted chair standing in the middle of the oval island, that was sitting in a sea of bookshelves and took a seat. The book she had been reading last night still lay there just like she had left it. Finally able to relax she rolled her shoulders and opened the heavy leather-cover, turning to the page she had been reading last - continuing as if she had not been away at all.<p><p>

@Cullen Rutherford @Robert


Aug 4 2017, 05:06 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>Azriel Trevelyan</h1>
<h2>29. inquisition spy. rogue. Emily Blunt</h2>
<h3>Starframe . UTC+02:00 . PM/Discord</h3>
<div class="maincontent scroll">


3 Drakonis, 9:12 Dragon


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Human - Free Marches


Neutral good


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Father and Mother (unimportant nobles in the Free Marches)<br />
Two brothers and three sisters (eldest)


Dual Daggers - Expert <br>
Bow - Intermediate<br>
Knives - fundamental awareness (combat), Expert ("interrogation")<br>





Growing up in the free marches, Azriel was a happy child. <br>
Her parents loved her and since she was the oldest of her siblings, <br>
she was groomed to be the heir to their lands.<br><p>

When she grew older, it was discovered, that she had a connection to the fade and when she accidentally burned her eldest brothers face when he made her angry, <br>
her religious, very traditional family turned away from her.<p>

They didn't want to admit having a mage for a daughter as they considered that shameful. <br>
Her mother would only stare hatefully at her, but her father sought out the help of some disgraced templars.<br><p>

They conducted the rite of tranquility on her, using a lyrium stamp in the form of the mark around her eye so she could not be identified as tranquil.<br>
When she awoke her connection to the fade was completely sewered and her emotions where lost<br><p>

Not being able to see his sister like that, her eldest brother took pity and helped her escape(the one with the burned face and the only one beside her parents that knew about her abilities).<br>
But being tranquil and highborn she was soon lost in the surrounding woods and it was only when she was at the brink of death that a group of bandits found her. They fed her and took her along, teaching her combat as well as household skills, tracking and the arts of love - and abusing her willingness in any way possible.<br>
As soon as they reached the sea, they sold her into the slave trade.<br>
That way she came to Antiva, where she worked as a kitchen maid and later as household guard. But eventually her owners got sick of her and sold her to a tevinter magister. <br> In his estate he conducted experiments on her and used her blood for his rituals. Those rituals thinned the veil and one night her master conducted an experiment through which he bound a spirit to her, partially reversing the rite (making her able to feel, but not to use magic). <br> Completely overwhelmed by her newly found emotions she started to laugh hystericly, crying at the same time. <p>
To her surprise her master was more fascinated than angry at her and tested her in any way she could have imagined, but it soon became clear that she was not able to control the flood of emotions that the presence of the spirit had brought up again. She became unstable and soon her master grew tired of her unpredictability, selling her off to the highest bidder.<p>

She was bought by a wealthy antivan family that eventually took her with them to their estate and trained her into one of their spies. When eventually they where outdone by another house they where disowned and stripped of all titles, resulting in her loosing her job.<p>

Not knowing, what to do she went to Ferelden, where she was recruited into the ferelden military as a replacement for the many soldiers that had been lost at Ostagar. During the Blight she served in several places, but eventually was dishounourably discharged after she had ignored an order to retreat from a town that was soon to be overrun by darkspawn because there where still children inside, which resulted in the death of almost all of her men.<br><p>

It was around that time, that she reached out to her eldest brother, only to learn that he had died. not being able to take anymore, she grabbed a knife and cut herself, trying to erase the brand that had become the symbol for everything that was wrong in her life, which resulted in a long scar across her face.<p>

Once again on her own she began to work as a sellsword, eventually ending up in the exalted plains, fighting for Duke Gaspard.<br><p>

When the breach appeared in the sky, she was one of the first to realize what it meant (along with the mages),<br> because she was tormented by nightmares even worse than the ones she had had ever since the rite had been reversed, ssensing an unbearable unrest she took her belongings and went to Haven, only to find it already occupied by Corypheus forces. She used her skills to sneak past them, and later on finally found the little camp where the remains of the Inquisition where gathered.<br><p>

When the Inquisition began to take shape in Skyhold Leiliana recognized her skills and made her one of her little birds.<br><p>

She spends her time mostly by herself, either training in the yard or reading in the library (she loves books since they let her escape reality). <br>She seldomly chooses to go to the tavern and sing along to the songs, watching other people. Despite being a lone wolf, she is in no way shy. <br>She just wan'ts to keep people at a distance, but since she has a very caring peronality that becomes hard for her, once she gets to know them. <br>She is not a very loved member of the Inquisition as many think of her as arrogant, only having heard rumors about her being highborn. <br>In thruth her childhood trauma only left her with a deep fear of expressing any kind of emotion. <br>A fear that was only enforced by her experience of being tranquil. This is also, why she's such a proficient a spy. She is fully aware, that any kind of weakness could mean death in this profession.
That's why she envys Leiliana (even more so, if she was hardened).<br><p>

With her superiors she is very harsh and honest, which brought her respect from some but made her even more enemies.<br>
She has a deep desire to change the world for the better and plans missions very carefully. She always does her best and is very good at it, but only so long as she works alone. <br>Her fears make it very hard for her to work with others, if she is not the leader of the group and even then she often struggles to find the balance between her forced, cold calculating strategist side and her desire to save everyone.<br><p>

Her distrust often leads to her not delegating tasks and instead trying to do everything by herself (of course, failing to do so. Not even the Herald could manage the whole Inquisition on her own). <br><p>

She possesses an eagle, which she found in the yard one morning, spotting a broken wing. <br>She trained it and now uses it to hunt while on missions and to send messages. In an attempt to objectify it and make it easier for her to see it as a tool (a futile attempt) she gave it no name, instead simply referring to it as the eagle.<br><p>

She never tells anyone anything important about her, instead using her training as a spy to loosen their tongue and make them talk, even though she wishes for nothing more than to be able to talk freely about herself and be liked or even loved.<br><p>

<img src="https://orig08.deviantart.net/a4d7/f/2017/216/2/e/faceclaim_sig_by_starframe3d-dbivij7.png" class="appimage">
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