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<h1>genevieve marchand</h1>
<h2>32 years old . red templar . warrior . gwendoline christie</h2>
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17 Bloomingtide


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Human, Orlesian


lawful evil


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Mother: Allete Marchand, deceased<br>
Father: Benoit Gautier, deceased


Bow and arrow: expert<br>
Sword and shield: intermediate





((tw eating disorder, substance abuse))<p> To say the least, Genevieve's came from a humble background. She was a bastard born in the streets of Val Royeaux: her mother, a laundress, her father out of their lives shortly after her birth. They were poor, but happy and not struggling too much to get by. Still, ever since she was a young girl Genevieve dreamed of growing up to live a more glamorous life. She would daydream of marrying a nobleman or finding some wealthy long lost relative, but those faded as she grew and came to accept the reality of her situation<p>
Stability was enough to satisfy her, and at the tender age of sixteen Genevieve found employment working in the kitchens of the Baron du Moreau's estate. already tall and strong, Genevieve was well suited to the hard work, and though she ended each day exhausted and aching, she still craved something more. As a servant Genevieve had little time of her own, but whenever she could she spent that time in own of the local taverns, mostly interested in the music and the dancing. In time, she was bold enough try performing herself and was surprised to find that she had a natural talent for singing. It was brought a little more joy to her life and a little extra coin.<p>

The Baron soon learned about her talents and hoped to use them to his own advantage. He plucked her out of the kitchens and set about shaping her into a proper bard. He gave her an education, taught her court etiquette, and most importantly taught h er her how to fight and how to play the Game. Genevieve had long since given up hop of her foolish childhood dreams, and yet they were coming true.<p>

For seven years, she enjoyed a life of luxury and intrigue, but a bard's life is not a secure or safe one, and a single mistake cost her everything. Genevieve never thought she did anything particularly dangerous: just a little snooping and planting some seeds that would blossom into nasty rumors, but soon she found herself caught in more lies than she could keep straight. Her mistakes damaged the Baron du Moreau's reputation badly, and he made it clear that there was no place in his home for a bard who failed so badly, not even back in his kitchens.<p>

the only place she could think to go was the Chantry, and only a short time of prayer and contemplation brought out a change in her. Genevieve had never been a firm believer before, but she became deeply pious. As a girl, all she had wanted was wealth and luxury, but she came to see (and feel) the the shame and guilt of living such an indulgent lifestyle. She had not been virtuous, and all she wanted was to make up for her past sins, but no amount of prayer and contrition was enough. She needed action.<p>

She was older than most new recruits when she first join the Templar order, but that didn't stop her from settling into her new life easily. She was strong and already had a little combat training, and her faith and convictions where unshakable. Genevieve was able to find some of the fulfillment she craved knowing that she did the Maker's holy work, protecting citizens and mages alike. However, it still was not enough. There were times when her burden of guilt and shame weighed heavily on her. The quiet moments were the worst: when she couldn't fall asleep or found herself bored and alone.<p>

Fasting was what finally gave her a sense of relief. It started sensible enough: one day of light duty that she devoted to prayer and penance, but she enjoyed it far more than she should have. The twisted thoughts that tormented her were quieter, and she felt a sense of pride in knowing that she had the drive and discipline to willingly deny herself a day's food. Fasting went from something she did rarely to a habit or an obsession. Genevieve no longer felt guilt for her past sins, but instead of the food she allowed herself to eat. As little as a slice of bread felt gluttonous.<p>

Weaker, thinner, dull skin, and thinning hair...Genevieve could not hide her behaviors or their effects. the Knight-Commander confronted her about what she was doing to herself, and while she didn't take his warning seriously, she did concede that she could not both go one how she had been and stay strong enough to perform her duties. She forced herself to try to eat more, anxious and fearful and hating every minute of it until she convinced herself that she was healthy enough to take up occasional fasting again. This time would be different. This time she could stay in control.<p>

Except she couldn't. Again, the obsession took hold of her and pushed her onto dangerous ground. Again, she made a half-hearted attempt to change her ways, swearing that she would give up fasting forever...and again she fell into its trap. That was her final chance. Genevieve was declared unfit for duty and dishonorably discharged.<p>

It was too much to handle all at once: her identity ripped away from her, unresolved issues with food, and the sudden crush of lyrium withdrawal. Poverty and addiction were her excuses to carry on restricting: she couldn't afford both black market lyrium and adequate food (though even if she could, she probably would have chosen to go without the food anyway). She was deathly sick when the red templars came to her, and for all it's ill effects, in a way red lyrium saved her life.<p>

Red lyrium sang in a way that the old lyrium didn't, and the song was loud enough that it drowned out the voice that made her afraid to eat. It quickly made her stronger and tougher than she ever was, even when she was healthy. Best of all, she has a purpose and a reason to live again, living with more vibrancy and passion than she's had in years. So far, the cost hasn't been so high: aches in her joints, less self-control, some outward signs of the red lyrium inside her body. Genevieve has managed to convince herself that she may yet be spared of the more horrific consequences, but even then she's bought herself some time she would have have otherwise lived to see.<p>

Genevieve has become a unique and valuable asset to the red templars. Her past as a bard and the fact that she (for now) still has a mostly normal appearance made her an ideal candidate for a spy. She's out in the world, gathering information to send along to her comrades.

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