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<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Cole</span></summary>
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<h2>?? Years Old. Compassion. Rogue. App</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Inquisition</h3>

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Though he appears to be a young human man, Cole is a Spirit of Compassion. Originally a denizen of The Fade, he crossed over in an attempt to help a young man as he died in a dungeon cell, starved and alone. When he couldn't save him, he 'became him', mimicking his form and even adopting some of his memories.
Beyond the healing, helping and moving on, Cole isn't the best at interacting with others. Small talk and eye contact are complete mystery, though he is curious about people and the world around him, keen to ask questions to further his understanding. He himself can be difficult for others to understand and connect with, seeing as his unique insight means that sometimes he can come across as a little odd and he often says strange things with no apparent meaning or relevance.
Some find him 'creepy', as he often seems to be emotionally detached and often speaks in a monotonous tone. Sometimes. He is known to panic and and not think quite so clinically, or even rationally, when faced with a situation he doesn't understand or his 'help' is seemingly doing more harm than good. He isn't afraid to stand up for himself when faced with oppositions, whether it be with his hidden wit or his daggers. Either way, he speaks his mind and says what he means!
Though he supposedly embodies compassion and mercy, he is not afraid to kill those who hurt others. Better to kill bad people than let them keep hurting anyone, especially his friends! His greatest fear is despair and being bound or otherwise forced to hurt others against his will.
Anyone who helps others is good in his book, as far as friends and allies go! Those who make an effort to do just that, and to understand and even accept him for who or what he is, are good too! Anyone else, especially those who go out of their way to do just the opposite will be the ones to meet his wrath! Not that they'll know what's coming, until it's too late to run!
He has a very clinical understanding of love, romance and everything that goes with, but has never really considered experiencing any of it for himself. I imagine he would be at least curious though, so never say never!
It's worth noting that he understandably doesn't care much for Templars or (after a certain incident) Grey Wardens. He knows that some are different to how he perceives the majority, but he thinks in general that they are dangerous.
Info Thread
<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Watch this space!</span></summary>
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<h2>## Years Old. Occupation. Class. App</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Word</h3>

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Words here, scrolling box.



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<h3>Character & Character</h3>
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