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Feb 4 2018, 12:03 PM
<div class="n-site-template">
<img src="https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/images/jason-statham-4.jpg" class="appimage">
<h1>Gaspard de Chalons</h1>
<h2>67 years old. Rebellion Leader, rightful heir to the orlesian Throne. Chevaliers. jason statham.</h2>
<div class="maincontent scroll">
8:74 Blessed<p><p>
<strong>Connection to my characters</strong><p></center>
<a href="">Azriel</a> was his second in command until the conclave. He trusts her as she worked her way up in the ranks of his army until she became one of his advisors. I imagine he would have appreciated her for her professionalism, but how he really saw her is entirely up to you.<p><p>

<h3>About Gaspard</h3>
Born into the de Chalons family, one of the most prominent noble families of Orlais Gaspard found himself the heir to the throne in the year 8:77, after the days of cough had taken both the crown prince and his siblings. He was raised to become the Emperor one day and married Calienne de Ghislain as a match worthy of his title.<p><p>
When Florian died in 9:19 Dragon without naming a succesor his sister Celene outmaneuvered him and was named Empress due to her possessing the Valmont name.<p>
Instead of becoming Emperor Gaspard became an orlesian Chevalier, the highest ranking to choose this career to date. His soldiers respect him and admire him as he served admirably and even repelled a Nevarran invasion by besting the Nevarran commander in single combat.<p><p>
He didn't approve of his sisters rule, in particular once she tried to solve the mage problem and the elven uprising with her diplomatic methods, so in 9:40 Dragon he made a claim to Celene's throne and thus started the War of the Lions.<p><p>

<a href="http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/De_Chalons_family">de Chalons Family Wiki</a><p>
<a href="http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Gaspard_de_Chalons">Gaspard de Chalons Wiki</a>
<img src="https://wiki.erepublik.com/images/thumb/6/6f/Citizen3037234.jpg/218px-Citizen3037234.jpg" class="appimage">
Nov 3 2017, 04:00 PM
[dohtml][dohtml]<div class="n-site-template"><center>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Azriel Trevelyan</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>29 Years Old. Inquisition Spy. Rogue</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Inquisition</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

<b>9:12 Dragon</b>: Birth (3 Drakonis)<p>
<b>9:12 Dragon - 9:22</b>: Lives with her family in their estate in the Free Marches<p>
<b>9:22 Dragon</b> Manifests magic abilities and is made tranquil to prevent knowledge of a mage in the Trevelyan family get out<p><t>
In the same year, her brother helps her flee, but she is picked up by bandits<p>
<b>9:23 Dragon</b>: The bandits sell her into the slave trade which brought her to Antiva where she worked for a wealthy family.<p>
<b>9:27 Dragon</b> Azriel is sold again, this time to a tevinter magister who conducts experiments on her. At the end of the same year her master accidentally partially reveses the rite of tranquility by summoning a spirit.<p>
<b>9:28 Dragon</b> Because she is unstable and no longer valuable as a subject her master sells her again, back to Antiva, where she finds herself as part of the game as a spy.<p>
<b>9:30 Dragon (10 Solace)</b> Her Antivan masters are outmaneuvered by their enemies and Azriel , free for the first time again, decides to cross the waking sea to Ferelden.<p>
<b> 29 August 9:30 Dragon</b> Azriel is recruited into the fereldan military as replacements for the men that fell at Ostagar<p>
<b>27 Guardian 9:30 Dragon </b> After making a wrong decision all of her men are wiped out and Azriel is dishonourably discharged<p>
<b>28 Guardian 9:30 Dragon</b> She is informed that her brother that helped her escape dies and falls into a deep crisis<p>
<b>9:31 Dragon</b> Begins working as a sellsword<p>
<b>9:35 Dragon</b> Is recruited into Grand Duke Gaspards army, where she rises up the ranks<p>
<b>9:40 Dragon</b> When the war starts, she remains with Gaspard because she believes in the righteusness of his claim. She meanwhile has become one of his most trusted men.<p>
<b>28 Wintermarch 9:41 Dragon</b> When the explosion happens she is one of the first to feel, that something is wrong. But with her Duties binding her she can not leave yet.<p>
<b>29 Drakonis 9:41 Dragon</b> Azriel arrives at Heaven, even though she did not part from Gaspard in good spirits, only to witness it's destruction first hand. Using her skills she was able to sneak past Corypheus forces and find the little camp, where the remains of the Inquisition had gathered<p>
<b>11 Cloudreach 9:41 Dragon</b> When the Inquisition arrives at Skyhold Leliana quickly recognizes her talents and makes her one of her spies.<p><p>
- cold but secretly very caring she keeps her distance but sees everything with the sharp eyes of a spy<p>
- once she gets warm with someone she is the best friend you can have but good look getting under her hard shell or even gaining her trust<p>
- ...
Has an eagle as a pet<p>
Has a crush on the Commander

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Raleigh Samson</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>40 Years Old . Commander . Warrior</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Red Templars/ Corypheus</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

Details will follow once the application was approved.


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<h3>Character & Character</h3>
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