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Nov 2 2017, 02:15 PM
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<center><font size=1><b>Non-Canon Fight / Timeshift<br>
<i>Surana vs Andromalius Xaphan</i></b></font>

<small><i><font size=1>Surana | Mage</font></i></small><br>
<span style="font-weight: bold;color:#e04d4c;">████████████████████</span> 100/100 HP
<small><i>Andromalius | Warrior</i></small><br>
<span style="font-weight: bold;color:#e04d4c;">████████████████████</span> 100/100 HP

Oct 26 2017, 10:40 AM

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Valasan Lavellan</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>25 Years Old. Inquisition Battlemage. Mage. App</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: The Inquisition, Others</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

A lively and energetic young elf from the Lavellan clan, Valasan wasn't originally born among them. Within his own birth clan by age five he developed his magic, and given his clan already had enough mages he was sort of gifted to the Lavellan clan. There he became somewhat well-rounded with his magic and focused on the strengths he had. He is quite skilled with his magic, though he definitely still has some things to learn and just recently after arriving in Skyhold discovered his Rift Magic and is working to hone that as well as learn more about it. <p>

Valasan is an emotional elf, and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. Anger is one thing that doesn't come easily to him unless warranted, and even then it takes a bit for it to be brought to the forefront. He is jovial and rambunctious, often times getting himself into trouble. He loves to learn new things and takes a scholarly interest in a lot of various cultures and people in Thedas, traveling as much as he can since he tends to get restless. He is currently an Agent of the Inquisition, offering his magical skills in the ways of being a battlemage despite violence not being something he dwells in.<p>

He is a good listener, and quite empathetic, so he would sooner help someone than judge them. Though he enjoys talking and asking questions he is still a bit socially awkward, and not the most graceful man around. In awkward situations he turns to humor or sometimes even just makes it worse trying to make it better. Overall he is optimistic even in the face of adversity.<p>

<b>Current Events:</b> Since arriving at Skyhold things have been somewhat of a downward spiral for Valasan, and there is more information that can be found for these events here: <a href=/index.php?showtopic=369&st=0&#entry1266>timeline</a>
  • Because of the things that have happened to him the optimism Valasan once held has been dampened despite him trying to cling to it through the darkness that has deepened within him
  • With his clan Valasan relied on physical contact to convey thoughts, emotions, and enunciate his speech and while he still gestures with his hands he has grown wary of physical contact especially from men who display a domineering personality
  • He has internalized a lot of the trauma he has gone through both growing up and currently, continuing to do so even now and he tends to focus on others more than himself
  • Having died briefly and been brought back he has found that death does not frighten him as much as it used to
  • He remains passionate with his ideals even if he has become guarded and not many would be able to see the inner turmoil as he masks it as well as he can. Unlike other emotions that he wears openly unless he knows someone well enough he will not show his own emotional weaknesses in regards to the things that have happened to him.

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Andromalius Xaphan</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>Appears roughly 42 Years Old. Magister. Warrior. App</h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Himself, The Magisterium</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

A Fade creature with the ability to hide its true form, Andromalius is a pride demon who grew tired of being cast back into the Fade time and time again. With stolen wealth and a stolen position within the Magisterium in Tevinter he seeks to capitalize on a city that has quite a bid of pride. So much so that it could be considered smug. A year ago he could not hold his form very well until he learned of another demon who also hid their true form, and discovered a ward that would hold a fabricated human visage.<p>

He is a warrior, which is not common of the Magisterium at all, but he became an enigmatic entity within Tevinter over the course of the year. He claims many have set out to take his life, and thus he requires more protection than the average magister. His demonic abilities coupled with a Reaver's prowess has given him enough example of magical roots, the feeling of the Fade other mages can feel chalked up to nothing more than magic in veins. He has acquired a slave by murderous means who goes by the name Rak'han Eroan and he is less than kind to his property.<p>

Eventually he seeks to amass a reputation within Tevinter and continue to build his own personal empire. He is asexual and cares not one bit for anyone or anything other than himself. He won't be traveling much outside of Tevinter save for maybe Rivain and Antiva if he were to venture out, though there would need to be a good reason for it.<p>

<b>Current Events:</b> He has established himself as a Magister fairly well, although still is cultivating his deceit throughout the Imperium. Not too long after severely reprimanding his slave Rak`han for going against his wishes Andromalius will be acquiring a handful of other slaves to help maintain his estate as well as carry out any other business he requires them to. Other than that he has simply been socializing as much as his tolerance allows, developing alliances and putting an end to those who oppose him. A more detailed account can be found here: <a href=/index.php?showtopic=368&st=0&#entry1268>timeline</a> <p>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Everett</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>32 Years Old. Pirate. Rogue. App </h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Himself</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

He's a dirty pirate, and has been one for the better portion of his life. His upbringing hasn't been the most rosy, a young boy in Ferelden forced to care for a younger brother after the death of his mother and older sister at the hands of a blood mage healer turned abomination. His father fell into a depression that turned him to wasting money on booze to drown his sorrows. Because of this Everett went into the nearby village of Honnleath to beg on the streets and occasionally would steal a bit of food here and there.<p>

He has some history with the Rutherford family, and had been brief friends with Cullen growing up before Cullen turned to the Templars. Everett's father would take out his growing rage upon his two remaining sons though it wouldn't be long after that he falls ill. When he died and Everett's brother took the cloth he left his home and went to Denerim, joining a crew he found there.<p>

When that didn't pan out they traveled to Rivain, and Everett left that crew to join another since they were in need of a skilled navigator for a specific expedition. This took him all over, and he was out at sea for a good portion of years. He had a brief stay in Kirkwall for roughly a year where he met and tried to kill Hawke but they came to terms. Because of what happened to his mother and older sister Everett has a deep hatred for mages, seeing them as walking time bombs that should either be contained or killed immediately.<p>

He is a cunning and intelligent sort, despite what some might think upon first glance. He can have a bit of a fiery temperament, but generally he keeps a level head. He is observant and will not hesitate to kick his feet up and enjoy the finer things in life. He'll have a more dark sense of humor, and while he solely relies and looks after himself that doesn't mean he goes out of his way to harass any and everyone. He cares little for being a slaver, and detests the idea mostly because it creates more work than necessary. <p>

When he arrives he will be attempting to steal an Inquisition ship which promptly lands him in the Skyhold jail. After that he will be staying there for a short while before parting ways to go about his own business. He is open to any and everything!<p>

<b>Current Events:</b> As of right now he is in the Skyhold jail for attempting to commandeer an Inquisition ship. His crew abandoned him when they finally decided the task was too much for them, and while Everett found it humorous he will be trying to track them down at some point to get back at them. His friends Fenris and Hawke will be helping him out and so he will stay in Skyhold for a time until the Inquisition forces return from Adamant Fortress. Not too long after that he will be leaving to acquire a new ship and amass a new crew. A detailed account for him can be found here: <a href=/index.php?showtopic=367&st=0&#entry1269>timeline</a> <p>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Ivandriel Tabris</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>30 Years Old. Warden-Commander. Rogue. <a href=http://ttam.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=497>App</a> </h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Grey Wardens, Himself</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">

Ivan is a force to be reckoned with, a city elf from the Denerim alienage that was set on course to eventually become the Hero of Ferelden against his will. He fell into the role easily enough after being made to drink the darkspawn blood and become a Grey Warden, though it was more out of necessity than the desire to be a hero. In only a year after being conscripted he ended the Fifth Blight and ascended to Warden-Commander of Ferelden, defending Vigil's Keep months later when a sentient darkspawn laid siege to Amaranthine and turned its sights upon the Keep. After defeating her, several years later in 9:37 he leaves without a word and another Warden-Commander takes up the mantle in his absence. Those that were able to gather information on him during the rise of the Inquisition found that he was traveling to the furthest reaches of Thedas in search of a cure for the Calling and the Blight in general. However, by 9:40 he hits a dead end and begins to backtrack to find new information. Given that he has been traveling all over the place he can be anywhere as long as the timeframes check out as far as travel times are concerned, although he will be traveling only with his mabari Ashvin so he is able to cover ground quicker with none to bog him down.<p>

He is cold and calculating, far removed from most situations as far as emotional input. Given his past he has grown quite callous, volatile depending on the scenario and he is devious as well as manipulative when it comes to gaining leverage. He can be blunt and to the point, certainly not hiding his opinions unless it would hinder his progress. Ivan has no love for humans, though he is able to tolerate them as needed just as easily as he would cut them down for getting in his way. Being a city elf he does not believe in elven gods, nor does he believe in the Maker, though he does believe there is a power at work behind the way the world functions. It is not something he cares to discuss nor does he speak it aloud, religion holding little interest to him. He is open to any and everything, so come at me. <p>

<b>Current Events:</b> As of 9:40 Dragon Ivandriel has been attempting to trace new leads in his self-made quest and has simply been following up on those. A collection of his events can be found here as they unfold:<a href=/index.php?showtopic=507&st=0&#entry1494>timeline</a><p>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Illex Sulahn</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>28 Years Old. Cultist. Warrior. <a href=/index.php?showtopic=636>App</a> </h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Sulahn Clan</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">
This boi was exposed to red lyrium from a very young age and given the side effects it has stunted his growth considerably socially. Basically he is a giant manchild, though holds an intelligence from his lessons growing up with the cult-like clan that took him in. He is volatile in nature, very much so, and his mood can shift like the flip of a switch if he encounters something that he doesn't like or an interaction doesn't go the way he wanted it to. Very prone to violence he doesn't think twice about resorting to it, anger quick to spark and being a Berserker it doesn't help matters at all. Illex is quite outspoken and if he sees something he wants he stops at nothing to achieve it, even if that happens to be the company of another he is fascinated in. A hatred for humans leaves them to be sheep that are seen as prey and nothing more, or potential subjects to be infected and placed within his clan's red lyrium garden. His vallaslin has diluted red lyrium in it, and tolerance has been built towards the mineral which prevents the stages from progressing to the point of crystallization. Instead it has given him a boost to endurance, strength, speed, as well as affected his mind. He is quite possessive and in a very unhealthy way a hopeless romantic in that he finds attraction or interest in other males and might come to think he is in love with them. At that point he is jealous for their attention, and given his personality and tendencies it is not a pleasant experience for the other.<p>

He has no sense of personal space and will do things on a whim if it suits his fancy at the time. He takes great pride in his body, maintaining it pretty well given that he is a warrior. Because of this he has grown quite vain, and views himself as a work of art to be presented to any and all around him. Illex is eccentric, and really open to any sort of interaction though depending on who they are and if they are human or not it potentially could be something of a bad experience for whoever he encounters. Given that he is still a Dalish he is very religious as well, though the Sulahn clan worships the Forgotten Ones. Illex's chosen goddess is Aenwyn, the Iron Clawed Lady, and he views red lyrium as a piece of his religion so he treats it with the utmost respect. Any who goes against it or attempts to destroy it must in turn be destroyed themselves, that sort of thing. He's open to any and everything and can travel just about anywhere it fits timeline wise.<p>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Vivica Miravaris</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>35 Years Old. Witch of the Wilds. Mage (Dreamer). <a href=/index.php?showtopic=587>App</a> </h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Herself & Her Sister</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">
Vivica is a half-elf and half-human hybrid though one would not be able to see that by just looking at her. Currently she has set up residence in the Arbor Wilds with her older sister Minerva, the two using it as a sort of base of operations as well as a refuge when they are not traveling. They built the home from the ground up, incorporating it into the wilderness and they respect it well lest the Wilds turn on them. Vivica is analytical and takes a detached approach when interacting with others, viewing things with a scientific eye as well as a scrutinizing one to see if she can find some gain in it. Nothing is done without a price, however, and that would depend entirely on how she feels about the person, just what she may need that they can acquire, or really anything. She is a force to be reckoned with magic wise, having honed it from when she was very young and her studies never cease nor will they ever. Other than Minerva she has not found or encountered anyone that has gathered her interest or care enough to keep around, each person a potential opportunity and nothing more. Though this could change, it would just depend on the situation. Vivica is a dreamer as well, so that could be an angle of interaction with her should you so desire it. That is another thing that was developed at a young age and improved upon over the years. She is open to any and everything, and can be just about anywhere given a reason to be.<p>

<section><article><details><summary><span style="font-size: 20px;">Ramirus Valdimár</span></summary>
<div class="n-site-template">
<h2>36 Years Old. Red Templar Knight-Captain. Warrior. App </h2>
<h3>Affiliation: Corypheus' Army</h3>

<div class="maincontent scroll">
Starting out he was born into a Nevarran family that was unprepared to care for a new child in their family so Ramirus was cast aside at an age not even he remembers. Templars in the area were looking for recruits though they were not the most pleasant Templars, elevated because of the influence and power they wielded so much so that it went to their heads. For a price they took the child, to help the family and they saw potential to construct and manipulate the child into whatever they saw fit. Ramirus was made to train and learned how to fight even before he could physically hold a real sword, education imparted upon him though the methods of which he learned lacked a gentle touch. Emotionally he grew detached, going through the motions as he was raised to do, and never questioned authority held over him no matter the circumstances. Everything became a means to an end, something that would later twist within his mind when he was made to take red lyrium. Currently he is in the Advanced stages of it, blatantly infected as anyone can see upon first glance, and crystallization has begun outside of his body though it is centralized on his torso and thus hasn't begun to show much outside of his armor or clothing that he wears. This will change overtime, and eventually the end goal is to have him become a behemoth. Though that will be down the line and gradually progress ICly. He will be Knight-Captain of the Red Templars alongside Leonard, and so interactions with any other red Templars is definitely desired. He will not offer much in the way of emotional response, although given his past he has learned to some degree how to express himself.<p>

Currently he is married, although his wife/husband does not know what has happened to him since he was sent away. If someone is interested in playing them that would be awesome and details can be given on them but their background is pretty open and flexible. It would offer him an interesting dynamic, though he is open to any and everything else.<p>

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