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Feb 5 2018, 08:10 AM
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<center><div class="bgimg" style="width: 400px; border: #7a0017 solid 10px;">
<h2 style="text-align: right;">18 Guardian 9:41 Dragon</h2>

<p>To Senator Melaena, Altus of the Tevinter Imperium<p><p>
excuse me, if I get right to the point, but I am not one for small-talk. My name is Raleigh Samson. You may already have heard of me from our mutual "friend". I'm the leader of the southern branch of our alliance and also someone in need of someone with your special talents.<p><p>
Since your comrades seem to only praise you we thought you best fitted for the mission we want to entrust to you, but since this is a sensible matter, it may best be discussed in person. That is why I would invite you to our Headquarters (I trust, you already know, where those are). Time is of the essence here, so I urge you to travel south as soon as your duties allow it.<p><p><p><p>
May Andraste be with you<p>
Commander Raleigh Samson<p><p>

<center><img src="https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonage/images/0/0a/Mage_Hunter.png/revision/latest?cb=20110312190638" width="200px"></center>


Feb 4 2018, 11:15 PM
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<h3>28 Guardian 9:40 Dragon</h3></center><p>

It was raining outside. Out here it was always raining. The wetness soaked into the clothes and made their gear rusty. But still. This was the most secure location that provided enough space for all of them - and was empty. He hated the constant dropping and rippling around him and he would <strong>kill</strong> to feel dry and warm for once.<p><p>

Letting his gaze wander around the cave that lay at the very edge of the Stormcoast and mostly consisted of an old thaig, he inspected his men. They seemed to take to this place a lot easier than he was. No wonder, they were younger and the red lyrium was already influencing them. Of course not all of them were affected equally, but there were already some crystals growing here and there. Not long and those poor souls would be nothing but mindless killing machines. It was cruel to see them suffer so eagerly, not knowing what waited for them at the end of the path <strong>he</strong> had set them on. But it was a necessary sacrifice. Their lifes would pave the way to his revenge - and after that a new order. One where the mage templar conflict would be gone - even if only for the lack of either of the groups.<p><p>

He could see Maddox ushering about in the background, always working always watching. Even after becoming tranquil his friend had not abandoned him and if a tranquil followed him willingly, what better proof was there that he was on the right path? Drawing his sword from it's scabbard he fetched himself a wetstone and sat down on one of the many boulders that were all over the place, begiining to sharpen the blade. And it wasn't only Maddox. By now, new recruits were arriving dayly. All of them desillusioned and frustrated about the chantry. The very Institution that created them, kept them on a tight leash, but turned their back on them once things got a little rocky. It hadn't been hard to sway them. All it had taken was the promise of Lyrium and freedom - for some power did the trick. Sometimes he wondered if he was just as easily manipulated. He hoped not.<p><p>

Hearing some sort of turmoil he looked up. All the way at the cave entrance there seemed to be newcomers. Sounds travelled far in here and he never quite got used to it. Sighing he put his sword back where it belonged and made his way towards the noise. <p><p>
Arriving at his point of interest he found two of his men barring the way in from a man in full templar regalia. Admittedly the man was not the typical templar, his statue being very slender and lean, but that was nothing red lyrium couldn't fix. With a sign of his hand, he dismissed his guards and they went back inside.<p><p>


Jan 24 2018, 04:20 PM
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<h1>raleigh samson</h1>
<h2>40 years old . Commander . Warrior . Peter Stormare</h2>
<h3>Starframe. UTC+1:00 . PM, Discord</h3>
<div class="maincontent scroll">


<ol>Other Characters</ol>
<a href="http://ttam.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=42">Azriel Trevelyan</a>

9:01 Dragon


<ol>Race & Nationality</ol>
Human - Kirkwall (Free Marches)


Lawful Evil


<ol>Family Members</ol>
Father - deceased <p>
Mother - deceased<p>
little Brother - alive (Mage and part of the rebellion)<p>
little Sister - alive (Chantry Sister)<p>


Sword and Shield (Dragon Age II) - Expert<p>
Great Sword (Dragon Age Inquisition) - Expert<p>





Samson grew up on a little farm in the free marches. Life there was in no way special, but having known nothing else, that didn't bother him or his siblings. Even though his parents were poor and illiterate themselves they made it a point to send him and later his brother and sister to the chantry were they learnt to read and write. <p> <p>

The stories of the chant of light fascinated them and especially his little sister took a liking to them - so much so that she was taken in by the revered mother to become a chantry sister. <p>
Being the oldest of the bunch he did not have such luxury as to choose his own career. After all his parents expected him to take over their farm one day. So the first lesson he had to learn was that one had to work hard to have food on the table in the evening and a roof over the head. <p>
When he was nine, his brother manifested his magic for the first time, accidentally freeezing one of their chickens to death.<p><p>
When his parents only reluctantly gave up their second son to the circle he begged them to let him become a templar so he could watch over his younger brother. But since his family needed every helping hand they refused him. Until he was 12 he continued to live with his parents on the farm, occasionally exchanging letters with his siblings who both seemed to thrive under the chantrys watchful eye.<p> The winter of said year hit his family hard as a weak harvest was followed by famine that killed most of their cattle. Not being able to feed even one more mouth, his parents reluctantly gave in and sent him to the chantry.<p><p>

There he finally felt like he belonged. He practically absorbed the lessons they were given, both the physical and the intellectual ones. He was a talented and well behaved student that - other than most of his fellow templars in training - seemed to be devoid of any fear of magic. That and his kind and caring nature were what led Knight-Commander Guylian to develop an interest in him.<p>
He received special training and Guylian oversaw some of his studies personally. He finished his training as one of the best and after receiving his first draft of lyrium was given his sun shield by the Knight-Commander. For a whiile all seemed well as the circle in Kirkwall was a lot more lenient with mages than what was common during that time.<p>
That all changed when the blight hit Ferelden. Rumors of fallen circles, unspeakable cruelties committed by templars and the rite of annullment being actually acted upon let the air in the tower grow thick with tension. Some mages took refuge in blood magic and when those incidents came to light the chantry searched for a scapegoat. It came in the form of Guylian, who was strongly encouraged to step down, going into early retirement. Little did they know that their replacement would ignite a full blown war. When Meredith came to the circle of Kirkwall as a replacement, Samson went from one of it's most appreciated members to a despised outsider. His views on mages were highly unpopular and in the eyes of his new Knight-Commander borderline heretic.<p> He witnessed firsthand how she crushed the resistance with force, but when he spoke out against her methods the best thing that came out of it was being ignored.<p> Soon another rose to his former place beside the Knight-Commander. A man named Cullen with nearly as radical vews as Meredith herself. Seing that the younger man had so easily conquered his place he had wanted to hate him, but instead he found himself sharing quarters with a man that was utterly broken and in desperate need of guidance. Cullen was a man wise beyond his years, but also just as bitter. Whatever the young templar had been through had thouroughly fucked the man up.<p><p>
Even with this spy in his quarters and Meredith at his back he managed to meet with his mage friends and even deliver some secret messages for those with loved ones outside the circle, as Meredith insisted on keeping the circle mages as isolated as possible.<p>
To his misfortune the Knight-Commander seemed to grow more paranoid and extreme in her measures every day - conducting the rite of tranquility on mages that had passed their harrowing and carrying out draconic punishments for minor offenses.<p>
It was in these times that he often contemplated leaving the order and had he not been bound to it by Lyrium he would have done so. But as things were he had no choice but to continue to serve under the iron fist of Meredith. - That was until she caught him delivering a letter for his mage friend Madox, who had a lover in Kirkwall.<p><p>

Furious beyond reason she stripped him of his rank and expelled him from the order, all while his comrades watched, none of them daring to interfere in fear of being cut off from their lyrium supply too.<p>
Now nothing but a beggar and an addict he was left to wander the streets of Kirkwall.<p><p>
The years that followed where not exactly the lightest moments in Samson's life. While he scrambled to get his hands on even the tiniest bit of Lyrium he continued to help mages flee the city. When he got his head in too deep, he encountered Hawke, who - without a second thought - slaughtered both Thrask and the mages he mislead.<p><p><p>

In the aftermath of that battle, the not-yet-Champion of Kirkwall denounced the apostates and urged Cullen to have them killed. The later in his misguided ways agreed but not before concluding that Samson had to have been in on the conspiracy because he had known that much about it. During the fight on the beach he therefore used his chance to escape, soon finding himself in the very gutter of Kirkwall. There he vegetated a goal-less addict incapable of clear thought.<p><p>

After the chantry exploded though, after he had seen innocent people die in the streets and with the so called Champion of Kirkwall all but on the forefront of the slaughter, he was filled with a burning rage - arage that let the blur of his addiction fade away, replacing it with new found focus. But his anger was not directed at the mage, that blew up the chantry. Weirdly enough he somehow understood his reasoning. No, his anger was directed at those that kept both him and his kin, but also the mages hostage. The ones that made their lifes miserable and made them fight each other for no reason except their own benefit.<p> The chantry was so drunk on power, it would do anything to keep the status quo. So when Hawke became Viscount he knew, that there was no longer a place for him in this city of chains. He rallied a surprisingly high number of frustrated templars to his cause and blinded by the thirst for revenge searched for a possibility to get back at the chantry.<p>
This chance was provided to him by none other than Corypheus, who offered him nearly unlimited power and a steady supply of Lyrium for the small prize of helping him sabotage the conclave - a task that would only further his own cause.<p><p>

With the help of some old comrades of his and - to his surprise - the Wardens they managed to invade the conclave and kill the Divine.<p>
For a short while it seemed like nothing could stop them, but it soon became apparent, that he was the only one with significant resistance against the red Lyrium they were using to boost their abilities. When Corypheus had suggested using the substance, he had already known, that it was dangerous, having seen what it could do to peoples minds and bodies first hand and he had been prepared to make that sacrifice. Ironically the song of the red lytium seemed to spare him, while at the same time hitting his men harder every day. It was hard to watch old friends wither, become abominations that barely resembled humans and eventually die, but he told himself that it was a necessary sacrifice. He told himself every day and the lyrium in his veins agreed all too eagerly. Soon he believed his own lies, that his cause was righteous and that whatever he did to further it was justified. In time even Corypheus started to look like a competent leader he accepted as his superior.<p>After all, he couldn't be in the wrong when even Maddox was still at his side?<p><p>

The assault on Heaven had only been the next step - made necessary by those fools who thought they could oppose a god, who thought they could oppose him - obstruct HIS revenge. By now anger was his constant companion, fueling his rage with every step and justifying every act of cruelty, every death and every betrayal. The few moments of clarity he had were nearly unbearable and the only one he dared to share his doubts with was Maddox. He wouldn't judge him or - even more important - tell anyone what he had told him in private.<p>
After all, those were only moments of weakness, holes in his armour that needed to be patched.

<img src="https://orig00.deviantart.net/ce24/f/2018/024/e/8/oldfashionedpaleeyas_size_restricted_by_starframe3d-dc11rqg.gif" class="appimage">
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